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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - May 17th, 2014.
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PondKeeper reduced the price on these products today

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 3000

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 3000 was £49.99 now £37.49
The PondXpert Triple Action is an all-in-one style pump that offers exceptional value. This budget pump with UVC is the perfect entry level solution for ponds up to 2000 Litres. If keeping fish we would only recommend it for the smallest of ponds due to the relatively small filter area.
It comes complete with a hosetail attachment so 25mm hose (1 inch) can be attached and the flow directed to the desired location (a waterfall for example).
Also supplied is a fountain kit to create a range of displays – as well as looking great this helps to aerate your pond.

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 4000

PondXpert TripleAction All in One 4000 was £69.99 now £52.49
This is the most powerful version of the bestselling TripleAction. The larger flow rate means this all-in-one pump can be used in goldfish ponds up to 3000 litres (660 gallons).
Larger flow means this unit can provide a fountain and small waterfall at the same time.