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The Big Allotment Challenge week 5

by Diane - May 19th, 2014.
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Grow – 3 perfect onions.

Jo and Avril – Sturon
Kate and Eleanor – Sturon –Best in show
Rupert and Dimi – Rumba
Gary and Pete – Ailsa Craig
Alex and Ed – Hercules

Make –
3 perfect chysanthamums, make a pedestal design, (front facing, balanced, clear outline of foliage)

Focal point, allusion of depth for the pedestal arrangement.

Jo and Avril – Spray collection
Kate and Eleanor – Jewell collection
Rupert and Dimi – sunset
Gary and Pete – Red Lilian Hoek
Alex and Ed – Myss Reanne << best in show

For pedestal floral arrangement Rupert and Dimi


Jelly and fruit butter

Jo and Avril – Redcurrant and Rhubarb jelly and a Rhubarb, apple and blueberry fruit butter <- best in show!
Kate and Eleanor – Rhubarb and Strawberry butter and blackcurrant jelly
Rupert and Dimi – Rhubarb and Strawberry butter and a Red and blackcurrant jelly
Gary and Pete – Melon and Rose jelly and blackcurrant and basil fruit butter
Alex and Ed – Tomato and chilli jelly and redcurrant and rhubarb butter

two teams are leaving!

Gary and Pete going home as are Jo and Avril