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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - May 21st, 2014.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these lines today

Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower

Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower was £339.00 now £319.00
Toro are an American company whose emphasis on high quality and development of innovative features are impressive. Experts in the process of mulching they have created this powerful, steel decked lawnmower to cut and collect or to mulch – recycling grass cuttings to create a healthier looking lawn. The Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower features a powerful 159cc petrol engine, with OHV, for good power to weight ratio and better performance. The cutting deck is engaged via a bail arm and a separate arm controls the self-propulsion. The cutting deck has a working width of 50 centimetres, so is ideal for maintaining a larger lawn. Cutting height can be adjusted to suit conditions or your preference, and is done with four levers, one for each wheel. Heights available range from 25mm up to 102 mm and there are seven heights available in all. The deck is tough and resilient steel, and will provide strength and durability. The deck is also specially designed for efficient mulching, incorporating a patented design of the cutting chamber and blade, which repeatedly cuts and re-cuts cutting sin to smaller clippings, due to the air flow created by the blade and the shape of the chamber. The clippings are eventually dropped into the turf, where they decompose and create natural fertiliser, providing nutrients and moisture, saving time and effort, and creating a lush and vibrant looking lawn. The mulch plug that enables this is integrated in the rear deflector and is there by default. However, if you wish to cut and collect, just remove the deflector and fit the included grass collector and you can use the same effective air-flow to produce efficient rear discharge and collection. The grass collector has a capacity of 60.5 litres, so you can cut for longer without stopping to empty it. An easy to use recoil pull starts the engine and the wheels are smooth running with moulded grips for extra traction. The handlebars fold down for compact storage and easier transport and the Toro 29639 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawnmower comes with a two-year warranty.

Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS)

Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS) was £389.00 now £359.00
Offering an unbeatable combination of power, reliability and versatility, the Toro 20950 Steel Deck Recycler represents excellent value-for-money. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can be converted from grass-collection to recycling with no tools or mulch-kit – you just have to pull a lever and the job’s done. This powerful two-in-one machine is fitted with a high-performance 159cc engine from Toro themselves. The engine’s OHV configuration works to minimise noise; vibration; and fuel-consumption; while also ensuring the emission of harmful exhaust particulates is reduced. Featuring a premium-quality veneered blade and a clipping-accelerator, the Toro 20950 Recycler is capable of achieving a superb finish. An adjustable cutting-height (21 – 98mm) makes it possible to fine-tune that finish. Other high-end features include Toro’s AutoMatic drive system, whereby the mower’s ground-speed is automatically matched to your step and pace; and a very large-capacity 60-litre grass-collector, which ensures emptying-breaks will be few and far between.

Toro HoverPro 400 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower

Toro HoverPro 400 Petrol Hover Lawn Mower was £439.00 now £399.00
Combining powerful performance with rugged build-quality and superior reliability, the attractively-priced Toro HoverPro 400 will prove a fantastic purchase for the more discerning domestic gardener. Hover-mowers float on an air-cushion and are inherently lightweight, so they can be used on the sort banks, ditches and verges that would defeat a wheeled machine. The Toro HoverPro 400 weighs a mere 12.5kg and features Toro’s industry-leading 14