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New products at GreenFingers

by John - May 23rd, 2014.
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GreenFingers has these new products today

Spear & Jackson Elements Hand Trowel

Spear & Jackson Elements Hand Trowel £3.49
This sturdy hand trowel is practical and hard wearing.It features a hammer finish epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust scratches humidity and alkalines in the soil and also aweatherproofed (clear lacquered) solid ash handle for great durability.

Levington Levington Decorative Chipped Forest Bark  - 75L

Levington Levington Decorative Chipped Forest Bark – 75L £8.99
This Levington Decorative Chipped Forest Bark consists of longer-lasting large size chips of bark which makes an excellent choice to enhance the appearance of your garden in many areas including amenity areas. Covering soil with a decorative bark provides a clean visual background that makes plants and flowers shine through and really finishes off your garden in style.The large size of the chips makes it excellent for suppressing weeds and reducing the number of times you have to weed making it perfect for use around roses flowers shrubs and trees.Ideal for low maintenance gardening this chipped forest bark provides an insulating layer to protect the soil from extreme temperature variations and it also help to insulate the root zone from extremes of heat or cold and protect the soil from erosion and crusting over. This allows for better air and water penetration creating a looser soil. A good choice for flowerbeds borders and containers this Levington Water Saving Bark has a fresh natural pine aroma that makes it pleasant to handle. It also makes a very attractive alternative to gravel for garden paths and provides a stable surface and safe footing even during rain. Forest Stewardship Council approvedMade entirely from natural bi-productsResealable bagCapacity: 75 litresCoverage: 1.5m

Rustic Raised Bed

Rustic Raised Bed £12.99
This easily assembled rustic raised bed is a great way to grow your vegetables herbs plants and flowers. The raised bed is practical and also a great feature in your garden while making it an easier way for you to grow your vegetables or plants.The raised bed is made from pressure treated wood protecting it for longer.Dimensions: 1.84m x 0.9m x 0.15mPlease note: Plants not included

Flower Seeds - Sweet Pea Statesman Mixed

Flower Seeds – Sweet Pea Statesman Mixed £2.29
Sweet Pea Statesman Mixed (Lathyrus grandiflora) is an exclusive blend of two very distinguished small-flowered heirloom varieties America and Senator A. Each acts as a perfect complement to the other whether grown side by side in the garden or cut and displayed in a vase. In both cases this stunning sweet pea will fill the air with its heady perfume.Type: Hardy Annual Flowering: Summer Sowing:Sow October to January indoors or March to April outdoors. Soak seeds overnight in warm water before sowing 1cm deep 3 seeds per 7.5cm pot in free-draining damp seed compost. Place in a propagator or sealed container inside a polythene bag and place at 20-25

Wheelbarrow Booster

Wheelbarrow Booster £9.99
This is one of those simple ideas that just make life that little bit easier. The Wheelbarrow Booster is one of those products that once you use it you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it as it really will prove invaluable when moving light materials like leaves grass cuttings or bark.Made from hard wearing polyethylene with a woven rubber/polyester band this ingenious product is simple and fast to fit to your existing wheelbarrow doing away with the need to buy a bigger barrow as it extends the capacity by up to 300%.The wheelbarrow booster is east to clean and care for and when you don’t require it simply fold it down and store for the next time you’ve got a big job in the garden.

Outback Charcoal Kettle BBQ Black  57cm

Outback Charcoal Kettle BBQ Black 57cm £139.99
This Outback Charcoal Kettle BBQ is a garden and patio must-have. The new two-wheeled Charcoal Kettle’s porcelain-enameled roasting hood has a hinge for comfort during cooking and it comes with a large ash collector warming rack foldable cooking grill air vent heat indicator and a wire base shelf.Key Features:Porcelain Enamelled HoodThe hood has been coated in porcelain to make it more durable & 100% rust proof. Adjustable Air Vents for Heat ControlThe Outback BBQ comes with adjustable air vents to allow you greater control when cooking your favourites.Heat IndicatorTo ensure you get the best results there is a useful temperature indicator located on the hood.Warming Rack For Extra Cooking SpaceThis is ideal for increasing your overall cooking area; it enables you to place food on it once it has been cooked – making room on the grills and griddles for actual cooking. Wire BaseThe wire base helps make the unit more stable whilst giving you more storage space. Porcelain coated fire bowlThis ensures it will not rust or corrode and will give years of low maintenance service. Detailed Specification: Porcelain Enamelled HoodAdjustable air vents for heat controlHeat indicator Hood with hingeWarming rack for extra cooking spaceFolding cooking grillPorcelain-enamelled bowlLarge capacity ash collectorWire base for extra storage Cooking Area: 57cm diameterAssembled size: W66.1 x D66.3 x H102.2cm Weight: 20kg Also included is a

RHS Childrens Seeds - Nasturtium Jewel of Africa

RHS Childrens Seeds – Nasturtium Jewel of Africa £1.49
This flower seed includes a balanced mixture of yellows reds creams and peach/pinks. The foliage is attractively marbled and striped with cream against a light green background. They make fantastic container and basket plants or simply use them for effective ground cover. This seed pack comes with instructions. Vegetable. Full shade.Quantity: 25 seeds

Water Storage Gel Liners - 2 Piece

Water Storage Gel Liners – 2 Piece £1.49
Hanging baskets are always a favourite with gardeners but keeping them watered and looking great is the trick. With these Water Storage Gel Liners you can keep your baskets looking their best due to the liners being infused with gel crystals which will hold moisture and even out periods of drought.Simply line your hanging basket fill then water. The crystals will hold moisture and release it back to your plants preventing them from drying out should you be unable to water them or just simply forget. A regular water supply is important to plants to ensure they grow strong and healthy giving you a great display throughout the summer.Diameter: 36cmInfused with gel crystalsContents: 2 x linersLasts one gardening seasonSaves water and time

Fruit Seeds - Tomato Gardeners Delight

Fruit Seeds – Tomato Gardeners Delight £1.99
If you are starting to think tomatoes have lost their flavour Tomato Gardeners Delight is a must try. You will soon change your mind! Highly commended in RHS trials this tomato is a greenhouse or outdoor type. Gardeners delight is packed with bite-sized fruit ideal for salads and sandwiches – and full of vitamins too. Sowing: For greenhouses sow seeds late winter to early spring 1.5mm deep. Germination usually takes 6-14 days at 24-27C To grow outside sow seeds in early spring and grow as above. Growing: Transplant seedlings when they are large enough to handle into 7.5cm pots and plant out into grow bags or pots when large enough at 45cm apart. When approx. 2cm tall gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions. Plant out 45cm apart with 75cm between rows in a warm sheltered sunny spot in moist fertile well-drained soil. Be sure to keep them well watered. Aftercare: Provide support and tie in regularly. Remove side shoots as they appear and restrict the plant to one main stem. Outdoor plants remove growing tip in late summer to hasten 65 seeds per packet

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