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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - May 23rd, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds has these new products today

Rose Plant - Simple Peach

Rose Plant – Simple Peach £24.99
A rose that is bee friendly. The flower of this rose shows a range of salmon, pinks, apricots and peaches – depending on the season – all in a wide open and welcoming single bloom. One of the features noticed about this rose and worth mentioning, is the old spent flowerheads as they form a feathery, wispy and pretty display for some time after the flowers are over – this is not usually worth mentioning with other roses but definitely is on this occasion. It forms a rounded bush of 1.2m or a little more, along with the same width when mature and smothered in very dark green leaves. This is a plant that is both beautiful and unusal. It will be a great addition for hedges, planting in mixed borders and as barriers. Shrub variety. Supplied in a 4 litre pot. OFFER – BUY ANY 2 AND SAVE 9.99! (Rose varieties included in this offer are Perfect Match, Simple Peach & Simple Gold)

Rose Plant - Perfect Match

Rose Plant – Perfect Match £24.99
A variety that is ideal to grow in pots or in beds. It has a dual colour flower, a rich purple pink that is decorated with silver splashes – a rare combination, and one that works very well. This flower is set off with dense and very rich dark green foliage. The leaf in itself will be a talking point, as a spectacle and a foil to the flower. The plant is compact, growing no more than 70cm when mature, a very sturdy, bushy and striking addition for the garden. The perfume is light with spicy qualities. Bush variety. Not only a perfect garden rose but this variety is ideal as a gift for those who are getting married, who we hope are a ‘Perfect Match’. Supplied in a 4 litre pot.OFFER – BUY ANY 2 AND SAVE 9.99! (Rose varieties included in this offer are Perfect Match, Simple Peach & Simple Gold)

Rose Plant - Simple Gold

Rose Plant – Simple Gold £24.99
A definite richness and warmth is produced in the colour of this prolific semi-double rose flower. The plant is more upright than Simple Peach, with mid green glossy leaves. The clusters of flowers produced on this rose variety will be an appealing addition to most gardens. The plant grows to 1.3m tall, be self-supporting as a shrub rose and will prove attractive to our diminishing bee population. Supplied in a 4 litre pot. OFFER – BUY ANY 2 AND SAVE 9.99! (Rose varieties included in this offer are Perfect Match, Simple Peach & Simple Gold)

James Wong's Book & Chilean Guava Plants & FREE seeds

James Wong’s Book & Chilean Guava Plants & FREE seeds £21.99
In his best-selling book – James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Book – James’ shows us a completely new range of fruit and vegetables to grow and eat. It is also packed with tasty recipes that you can make at home with the crops that you grow! The hardcover book comes with six FREE packets of seeds from the range (varieties may vary from those pictured). Plus 3 plants of Chilean Guava KA-POW – Rumour has it that this tasty little number was Queen Victorias favourite fruit! Chilean Guavas look like blueberries, taste like wild strawberries and are absolutely delicious we can see why HRH was so fond of them. They even come with sweetly scented, powder pink lily-of-the-valley type flowers, are a wonderful addition to any garden and one definitely not to be missed! Plants supplied in 9cm pots.

Fuchsia Plants - Gummiberry

Fuchsia Plants – Gummiberry £14.99
Easily the best kept South American secret since the map of Eldorado!Once prized by the Incas for their delicious fruit, the stunning pendant flowers of this ubiquitous hanging basket plant have somehow distracted us from the incredible edilbe potential of their shiny purple berries. James has selected the best tasting variety: sweet and berry-like, somewhere between a fig and a black cherry. Wonderful fresh, but delicious made into jam, dotted through muffins or cooked up with ginger and chilli as a tangy relish. Plus, the plants have exquisite marbled flowers and a semi-trailing habit, making them perfect for hanging baskets. Supplied in 9cm pots.

Tree Chilli Plants

Tree Chilli Plants £12.99
These small, round, super-charged chillies are easily as hot as a habanero and with a similar fruity tang. Plant out in May. Harvest: 1st year – late August, 2nd year – early July onwards. Latin Name: Capsicum pubescens. The world’s most cool-weather tolerant chilli, lives for up to 15 years!

Strawberry Plants - Candy Cane

Strawberry Plants – Candy Cane £9.99
A delicious combination of ‘Candy Floss’ & ‘White Surprise’ alpine/musk strawberries. The scarlet variety is very fragrant, with an almost candyfloss-like flavour. The white is a wonderfully scented variety with the flavour of very sweet, ripe bananas. They are much favoured in French and Swiss kitchens. White bears its fruits in June and Scarlet gives a season-long supply of tasty, juicy berries. Ideal for hanging baskets where they will produce an abundance of delicious hanging fruit year after year. Supplied in 9cm pots.

Eryngium Plant - Neptunes Gold

Eryngium Plant – Neptunes Gold £9.99
The flowers of this eryngium variety are electric blue surrounded by bracts which are graduated from silver to gold, amd rich blue stems that contrasts with the yellow leaves. Height 51-60cm; spread 21-30cm. Flowers July-mid Septermber. Hardy perennial variety. Supplied in a 9cm pot.Excellent container performanceUK bredBright colour which does not burn

Grafted Tomato Plants - The Black Tomato Indigo Rose

Grafted Tomato Plants – The Black Tomato Indigo Rose £9.99
In addition to lycopene, the potent antioxidant found in all red tomatoes, the nutritional value of Indigo Rose is further boosted by its anthocyanins, the same nutrients that give so-called super foods like blueberries, grapes and red cabbage their characteristic hue. The fruit are exceptionally disease resistant and long-lasting. They boast a mouth-watering fresh tomato taste with unique plummy overtones. The flesh holds its structure when cooked making it a must for salsas and sauces. Its a GM free zone!- the result of years of careful breeding work. Its remarkably easy to grow in a greenhouse or in a sunny spot outside. Grafted for superior performance and up to 75% heavier crops! Where leaves shade the fruit, the skin will ripen to a deep rose, where the fruits are in full sun, the skin will turn its unique indigo black colour. Go on, give it a try!