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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - May 25th, 2014.
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MowDirect has these new items today

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) £2775.00
This top-of-the-range lawn & garden tractor from Al-Ko has been built using the latest high-specification technology and is packed with the sort of practical and convenient features that are a must-have for the gardening enthusiast. It’s the most powerful Powerline tractor, with its commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton Intek engine developing a huge 17.5hp. The engine has been equipped with an anti-vibration system that works to reduce both noise-levels and component wear; and it utilises an overhead-valve type layout for smooth, low-maintenance performance and impressive fuel-efficiency. The Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor has a pair of contra-rotating blades that create a powerful flow of air underneath the mower deck, in turn ensuring the 300-litre grassbag is packed to the brim with clippings. Gas-assistance makes emptying the collector a breeze. Offering a very large 102cm cutting-width, the Powerline T18-102HD will cover huge amounts of ground with every pass. It incorporates a hydrostatic transmission; a high-end feature that allows the ground-speed to be controlled in infinite increments using a foot-pedal; and it combines a reinforced tie-rod with helical gearing to ensure the steering is smooth, light and precise. Not just a bagger, the Al-Ko T18-102HD is also capable of direct-discharging or mulching grass-cuttings, so you’ll have no problems dealing with varying grass-types and weather conditions (the mulch-plug is included, but the rear-deflector is optional). In order to spare the driver’s back when tackling time-consuming applications, Al-Ko have fitted this model with a fully adjustable and ergonomically-contoured seat. There’s also a six-step height-of-cut for enhanced flexibility-of-use; and an electric blade-clutch for smooth blade-engagement. You can choose from a range of optional accessories, including a service stand and a protective cover.

Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) £1249.00
This quality tractor mower from Italian brand-leaders Oleo-Mac is packed with features and represents fantastic value for money. It offers 2-in-1 mowing options enabling you to mow lawn areas in super quick time with the supplied mulch plug plus you can quickly and easily swap to side-discharge mode for areas of rough and long grass. For added versatility, this model also come supplied with a tow-bar as standard and can be used with a whole array of attachments from a trailer to a garden roller or leaf sweeper.Powered by a super reliable Briggs & Stratton PowerBuiltâ„¢ 3125 AVS engine, the Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 offers smooth operation and plenty of power with headache-free starts, time after time. The engine features DuraLubeâ„¢ Splash Lubrication system, which leads to a marked reduction in wear for a longer service-life, and has a substantial 344cc cylinder displacement.The Oleo-Mac T95/11.5 Lawn & Garden Tractor features a semi-automatic drive system for enhanced manoeuvrability: simply select your chosen gear (there are seven reverse- and seven forward-speeds) and use the foot pedal to accelerate smoothly to top speed. This ‘transmatic’ style drive system not only enhances manoeuvrability, but also makes it possible to operate at just the right speed to suit the conditions and task-in-hand. The gears can also be shifted on-the-go.This tractor mower also has a industry leading turning-radius of just 46cm making it possible to negotiate obstacles and tight corners without having to undertake awkward repositioning manoeuvres.The cutting width is a substantial 95cm (38\”) making this tractor suitable for achieving a fast cut on areas between 2000-8000 square metres.An adjustable cutting-height, controlled by an ergonomic, low-effort lever, allows you to adapt to changing conditions; while Oleo-Mac’s QuickFit attachment mechanism means you can remove tractor accessories, such as the cutter-deck, without using any tools.

MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower £429.00
MTX Jupiter 53SPA offers rugged build-quality and numerous premium features at an attractive price point.At its heart is a very high-powered and ultra-dependable 3.75hp (170cc) MTX M170 engine that’s undergone two-years of comprehensive testing; and which benefits from an emission- and fuel-cost-reducing overhead-valve design. A rear-wheel power-drive allows for the low-effort coverage of rough-grass areas and slopes; while an ergonomic height-adjustable handlebar ensures you’ll be able to mow in comfort, whatever your height.The MTX Jupiter 53SPA Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower is constructed around an aluminium cutter-deck that won’t corrode; and which confers lightweight strength and durability.It can either bag, mulch or rear-discharge your grass-clippings, so it’s impressively flexible in use; and it offers single-lever cutting-height adjustment for the quick and easy selection of your desired blade position.Combining a high-capacity 65-litre grass-catcher with a substantial 53cm cutting-width, this model is suitable for larger-scale domestic use.Also featured are a protective front-bumper and a convenient carry handle.

MTX Saturn 53SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

MTX Saturn 53SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower £329.00
Powerful and solidly built, this quality petrol rotary-mower from MTX is one of the best-equipped machines in its class and represents exceptional value for money. It comes equipped with an impressively beefy MTX M160 engine; an ultra-reliable 163cc four-stroke unit that features an overhead-valve for reduced fuel-consumption, noise and emissions; and which has undergone two-years of rigorous testing. An extra-wide 53cm width-of-cut and a high-volume grassbag (65-litre) combine to ensure you’ll get around a large lawn in quick-time; while a robust steel mower-deck confers the strength and rigidity required for longevity. The MTX Saturn 53SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower can either bag, mulch, or rear-discharge clippings, so you’ll be able to manage a variety of grass-conditions.It’s fitted with an ergonomic height-adjustable handlebar that delivers optimum user-comfort, no matter how tall or short you are; and it features single-lever cutting-height adjustment, so it couldn’t be quicker or simpler to select the blade position you need.Boasting a self-propelled transmission, the MTX Saturn 53SP will come into its own on lawns with inclines and areas of rough, tussocky grass.Also featured are a convenient carry-handle and a protective front-bumper.

MTX Neptune 48S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

MTX Neptune 48S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower £269.00
Anyone looking for an affordable petrol rotary mower that doesn’t compromise when it comes to build-quality and features should check-out the MTX Neptune 48S. Driving it is a high-powered 139cc MTX four-stroke engine that employs the latest overhead-valve technology in order to minimise emissions, fuel-costs and noise; and which has been subject to two-years of rigorous testing. A quality steel cutter-deck delivers the strength and rigidity needed for a lengthy service-life; while a rear-wheel power-drive facilitates the low-effort coverage of slopes and tussocky grass.The MTX Neptune 48S Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower offers bagging, mulching and rear-discharge as standard, and as such is capable of achieving great results on a variety of grass-types.It boasts single-lever height-of-cut adjustment; a premium feature normally found on pricier machines; and it features a height-adjustable handlebar that ensures you’ll be able to mow in comfort, whatever your stature. This model’s 65-litre grassbag and 48cm width-of-cut make it ideal for medium- to large-scale domestic use.

Mitox 28-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer

Mitox 28-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer £249.00
If you’re finding it too difficult or dangerous to use a ladder when trimming your taller hedges, then the Mitox 28-LRH could be the solution. It has an overall length of 2460mm and with its 270