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New products at Garden Bird

by Sarah - June 4th, 2014.
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Loads of new items today at Garden Bird

Good Dog Food - Adult Dog Food - Snack Bones 300g

Good Dog Food – Adult Dog Food – Snack Bones 300g £1.59
Great tasting hypoallergenic snacks that can be used as a training aid, or simply as a reward for being a Good Dog!

Maize, chicken meal, white rice, potato, refined chicken fat, beet pulp, brewers yeast, salmon oil, micro-FOS, yucca.

250G Worm Food

250G Worm Food £2.29
A mixture of bran and calcium-based minerals that will help keep your mealworms fresher for longer. Sieve your mealworms to remove the frass (waste) and top up the container with food. Check and repeat the process every couple of days as necessary.

Suet Ball Feeder

Suet Ball Feeder £2.99
This little basket is ideal for our Suet Balls, of which it will hold four, as well as fruit, cheese, kitchen scraps – almost anything you care to feed! It’s strongly made from powder-coated galvanised steel and comes complete with a steel hanger, a plastic roof for weather-protection and an open-design base for self-cleaning. Great value too!

Please note: Suet Balls not included.

2Kg Kibbled Maize

2Kg Kibbled Maize £2.99
Kibbled maize is cracked maize in granulated form. High in carbohydrate and oil, its small size makes it easily digestible and therefore ideal for smaller species. A good all round ingredient for food mixes, it is enjoyed by numerous different types of garden visitor.

2Kg Wheat

2Kg Wheat £2.99
A common grain which attracts larger species, wheat has a very high carbohydrate content and is an important source of energy, especially in winter months. Use for all types of mixes

Simple Wall Bracket 8″ £3.99
A strong long-lasting bracket for hanging birdfeeders or hanging baskets. Made from durable coated steel, it will easily attach to a wall or fence with the fixing screws supplied.

Our wall brackets are sold individually – picture shows small and large sizes.

Small – 20.3cm (8″)
Large – 25.4cm (10″)

AA 50 Walks For Birdwatchers

AA 50 Walks For Birdwatchers £3.99
A brand new selection of 50 walks in England, Scotland and Wales, designed with birdwatchers in mind! With detailed maps and directions for each route, timing, distance, where to park, places of interest and of course, information on all the different birds you might see along the way. 128pp softback.

Nest Box Plate

Nest Box Plate £3.99
This aluminium plate helps protect the nest box hole from being enlarged by predators and the occupants destroyed.

30mm (1.2″) hole.

***Fixings not supplied.***

8.3cm x 7cm (3.25″ x 2.75″)

2Kg Naked Rolled Oats

2Kg Naked Rolled Oats £3.99
Very similar to porridge oats, rolled oats are high in energy, packed with vital minerals and are a rich source of protein. They have a higher fat and oil content than most other grains making them ideal for use during the cold weather.


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