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New products at John Lewis

by John - June 4th, 2014.
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John Lewis has these new items today

John Lewis Bistro 2 Burner Gas Barbecue, Black

John Lewis Bistro 2 Burner Gas Barbecue, Black £99.00
With a spacious cooking area half a metre wide and wheels for portability, the John Lewis Bistro barbecue is designed for an easy cooking experience. Push button ignition smoothly begins the barbecuing, while dual burners give you control over heat and cooking time. The attached shelf is great for placing tongs and other tools, and thanks to a pristine black finish this Bistro piece will look sleek in your outdoor environment too.

Big Green Egg Mini Cast Iron Searing Grid

Big Green Egg Mini Cast Iron Searing Grid £35.00
 The 2-sided heavy-duty cast iron grid retains the heat enabling a professional quality sear and even cooking on your meat. Flip the grid over for a flatter searing surface for meat, fish or seafood. A must have for a meat lover

Big Green Egg Mini Charcoal Barbecue

Big Green Egg Mini Charcoal Barbecue £444.00
Big Green Egg combines age old know-how, state-of-the-art technology and unique design to offer incredible strength, durability and heat insulation. This mini version delivers the same powerful flavours, temperature control and moisture saturation the Egg is famous for in a portable package: great for picnics and camping. The Egg gets to cooking heat within minutes. Its patented airflow control allows you to achieve the right temperature to within a few degrees and maintain it with accuracy that rivals or betters many indoor ovens. This makes it ideal for a host of cooking tasks, from grilling bangers and burgers to smoking ribs, cooking pizzas or even roasting chickens and turkeys. The exceptionally well-insulated ceramic Egg doesn’t get as hot as traditional metal barbecues, meaning it’s safer to use, especially if you have children around. To top it off, the shell is finished with a lifetime-guaranteed glaze in British Racing Green that looks great and wipes clean with ease. Inside, residual heat burns away any left over grease, just like a self-cleaning oven. Content

LSA Light Flared Storm Lanterns, Clear, Small

LSA Light Flared Storm Lanterns, Clear, Small £30.00
A beautiful handmade lantern designed for indoors or outdoors. Featuring flared contours to enhance light exposure upon its surroundings, the lantern comes with a candle and gift box making it the ideal gift for a loved one

Big Green Egg Mini Plate Setter, Dia. 28cm

Big Green Egg Mini Plate Setter, Dia. 28cm £35.00
The Plate Setter provides a heat barrier between the charcoal and the food, turning the EGG from direct cooking to cooking with indirect heat for baking, roasting and slow cooking. The three-legged design of the Plate Setter allows heat to circulate around the EGG like a convection oven, whilst preventing the direct heat of the fire from reaching the food. The Plate Setter can be used in two modes with the legs down and a Baking Stone on top or with the legs up, and a stainless steel grid on top for roasting or slow cooking

Garden Trading Whitstable Galvanised BBQ Bucket

Garden Trading Whitstable Galvanised BBQ Bucket £25.00
Charming and simple, the Whitstable barbecue from Garden Trading is completely portable and inspired by stories of fishermen cooking their catch over buckets of coals on the beach.

John Lewis Pair of Mini Glass Houses

John Lewis Pair of Mini Glass Houses £75.00
This pair of charming Victorian-style glass houses are ideal for storing your small pots and herbs. With their picturesque appeal, they’ll look at perfectly at home decorating a garden or conservatory.