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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 12th, 2014.
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New items at MowDirect

Mitox 43U Petrol Brushcutter (U Handle)

Mitox 43U Petrol Brushcutter (U Handle) £219.00
With its very powerful 42.7cc engine, top-quality solid-steel drive-shaft, high-performance gearbox and heavy-duty metal-blade head, the Mitox 43U Petrol Brushcutter is capable of taming large, unruly areas of scrub and brush. Mitox have also included a nylon-line head, which is ideal for lighter-duty grass-trimming and edging. New line can be spooled-out by simply tapping the cutter-head on the ground – you don’t have to leave your working position. Despite its rugged construction and hugely powerful engine, the Mitox 43U weighs in at only 7.4kg, so it’s comfortable and easy to handle. Comfort is further enhanced thanks to the incorporation of a series of anti-vibration mounts, and the inclusion of a shoulder-harness, which combine to radically reduce the stresses placed on the operator’s hands and arms.

Mitox 33U Petrol Brush Cutter (U Handle)

Mitox 33U Petrol Brush Cutter (U Handle) £199.00
High-performance, excellent handling and superior build-quality – the Mitox 33U Petrol Brushcutter offers all of the above at an incredibly low price. This powerful 32.6cc machine is supplied with both a nylon-line head (for light-duty grass-trimming) and a three-tooth metal-blade (for clearing established brush) as standard, making it a versatile choice. A professional-grade solid drive-shaft ensures torque-transfer is optimised, so you’ll be able to cut with ease through stubborn scrub and bramble. Mitox have gone out of their way to make the 33U as comfortable as possible to use. Its lightweight design (just 6.7kg), commercial-style ‘U’ handle, vibration damping and full shoulder-harness all combine to make this one of the best-handling brushcutters in its class. The Mitox 33U is also equipped a practical and convenient bump-feed line-head. This handy feature allows you to stay in your working position when you need to feed-out new nylon-line – simply tap the cutter-head on ground and the line is dispensed.

Mitox 33L Petrol Brushcutter (Loop Handle)

Mitox 33L Petrol Brushcutter (Loop Handle) £189.00
Powerful and robust, yet lightweight and easy-to handle, the Mitox 33L Petrol Brushcutter will prove a great choice for those looking for a high-quality machine at an affordable price. Combining a solid drive-shaft and a high-performance gearbox for superior torque-transfer, the Mitox 33L will cut with ease through established undergrowth, while being equally at home taking-on light-duty trimming and edge-work. Power comes from a dependable and economical 32.6cc engine. Many similarly-powered brushcutters are heavy and difficult to handle. Mitox have gone out of their way to ensure this is not the case with the 33L. Its full shoulder-harness, anti-vibration mounts, ergonomic ‘loop’ handle and lightweight design all combine to drastically reduce operator fatigue. The Mitox 33L also features an automatic bump-feed line-head. This will save a great deal of time and effort, as it allows you to spool-out nylon-line without having to leave your working-position to attend to the cutter-head.

Mitox 26L Petrol Brushcutter (Loop Handle)

Mitox 26L Petrol Brushcutter (Loop Handle) £169.00
The Mitox 26L Petrol Brushcutter is equipped with a 25.4cc two-stroke engine, a solid steel drive-shaft and a high-performance gearbox; features which combine to produce the sort of torque required to deal with tough clearing jobs. As with all Mitox brushcutters, this model is very comfortable to use and easy to control, thanks to its lightweight build (only 5.8kg), ergonomic soft-grip, anti-vibration ‘loop’ handle, radical vibration-minimisation and shoulder-harness. This practical and convenient machine also features a bump-feed line head. This saves a lot of time and effort, as new line can be spooled-out by simply tapping the head on the ground, eliminating the need to leave your working position.