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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 14th, 2014.
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New lines at MowDirect

Mitox 28 SK Kawasaki Brushcutter

Mitox 28 SK Kawasaki Brushcutter £329.00
The Mitox 28 SK is an impressive split-shaft petrol brushcutter that’s characterised by its powerful performance, lightweight handling and rock-solid build-quality.Driving it a high-capacity 26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27 air-cooled engine that develops a beefy 1.03hp; and which has been pro-tuned for optimum combustion and superior efficiency.An electronic ignition-system ensures starting is consistently reliable; while a generously-sized 0.5-litre fuel-tank works to minimise downtime by reducing the frequency of breaks for refuelling. The Mitox 28 SK Kawasaki Brushcutter weighs only 6.6kg and features premium vibration-damping on both the rear-handle and the front ‘loop’ handle; a combination that means you’ll be able to work for long periods without encountering hand- and arm-strain.It’s supplied with a 25.5cm nylon-line head (bump-feed) and a three-tooth brushcutting blade, so it can handle both light-duty strimming and heavy-duty vegetation clearance; and it has a two-piece shaft which you can split for space-saving transportation and storage.This model boasts an extended three-year warranty for domestic use.

Mitox 35-4U Four-Stroke Brushcutter

Mitox 35-4U Four-Stroke Brushcutter £299.00
Unusually for a brushcutter, the Mitox 35-4U is powered by a four-stroke engine, so you can be sure of low-noise operation; reduced exhaust emissions; and high-torque performance. The engine is air-cooled; develops a substantial 0.8kW; and has a capacious 33.5cc cylinder-displacement.The Mitox 35-4U Four-Stroke Brushcutter comes equipped with a tri-tooth brushcutting blade and a nylon-line strimmer-head, so you’ll be able to achieve great results whether you’re trimming your lawn edges or cutting-back areas of dense vegetation.Offering advanced ergonomics, this easy-handling brushcutter combines a premium padded shoulder-harness with a comfortable ‘cowhorn’-type handlebar and comprehensive vibration-damping to ensure you’ll be able to finish time consuming jobs without expending a great deal of effort.Built to last, the Mitox 35-4U brings with it a two-year warranty for homeowner use.

Mountfield HP46R Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

Mountfield HP46R Petrol Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) £279.00
A powerful, robust and sensibly-priced machine, the Mountfield HP46R is equipped with a full-width rear roller, which not only allows you to create a traditional striped finish, but also makes it easy to mow along lawn edges. Its easy-starting 100 cc Mountfield RM45 engine guarantees excellent long-term reliability; while its hand-push design makes it easy to control and manoeuvre, so it will prove a great choice if you have trees, shrubs and awkward corners to negotiate. The Mountfield HP46R Rear-Roller Lawn Mower has been built to last, with its rugged powder-coated steel deck and hard-wearing ball-bearing wheels both contributing to longevity. Thanks to its 46cm width-of-cut, this model is best suited to lawns up to around 1600m2. Dependable and easy to use, the Mountfield HP46R also features a five-stage cutting-height (20 – 70mm), which cuts low enough to produce a fine, formal finish, while also allowing you to leave certain sections of your lawn longer where desired. A generous 55-litre grass box has been included for reduced downtime.

Mitox 35-4L Four-Stroke Brushcutter

Mitox 35-4L Four-Stroke Brushcutter £279.00
Until recently, four-stroke engines have been too heavy for use on handheld garden tools, so gardeners have had to put up with the noise and smell that comes with two-stroke power. Not any longer – the Mitox 35-4L has been fitted with a lightweight 0.8kW (33.5cc) four-stroke power-pack that produces more torque at lower revs; runs exceptionally quietly; and emits far fewer harmful exhaust emissions. Fuel consumption is also reduced.The Mitox 35-4L Four-Stroke Brushcutter has been designed with ergonomics to the fore, with its ‘D’ handle; anti-vibration measures; and adjustable padded harness all working to ensure high levels of user-comfort. Its lightweight build (7kg) contributes further to ease-of-use.Coming equipped with a nylon-line head and a three-tooth metal brushcutting blade, the Mitox 35-4L is just as at home trimming lawn-edges and fence lines as it is clearing areas of heavily overgrown scrub and bramble.Impressively durable, this model comes with an extensive two-year warranty for domestic use.

Mitox 530UX Premium Brushcutter

Mitox 530UX Premium Brushcutter £269.00
The Mitox 530UX is the leading British brand’s top-of-the-range Premium petrol brushcutter, and as such will make light work of heavy-duty vegetation clearance applications. Its awesome cutting-performance is thanks to its hugely powerful 51.7cc (2hp) air-cooled two-stroke engine – one of the highest-output power-packs you’ll find on a domestic-market brushcutter.Premium engine features include Auto Choke for hassle-free ignition from either hot or cold; an extra-large 1.2-litre tank for longer runtimes and therefore less down-time; and an easy-pull recoil mechanism for virtually effortless pull-starts (clear instructions printed on the engine’s side-panel further aid starting).High levels of user-comfort are essential when undertaking lengthy brushcutting sessions, so Mitox have equipped this model with a pro-style ‘bike’-type handlebar; a full shoulder-harness; and comprehensive vibration-damping. So as to facilitate both lighter-duty strimming and more aggressive brushcutting, the Mitox 530UX Premium Brushcutter comes with a nylon-line cutter-head and a three-tooth metal blade.

Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower (Code: 616) (Showroom Model)

Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower (Code: 616) (Showroom Model) £259.00
Lightweight; highly manoeuvrable; and offering a compact 41cm cut, this easy-to-use but impressively well-equipped push-type mower will make maintaining your smaller lawn a breeze. It’s superbly well-built, with all the key components (engine; handlebars; transmission, etc) fixed securely to the rust-resistant aluminium chassis. To ensure weight is minimised without compromising strength, the rest of the machine is made from impact-resistant ABS polymer. The Hayter Spirit 41 is powered by a 158cc (4hp) Briggs & Stratton 500-Series engine; a vertical-type power-unit that combines superior reliability with outstanding fuel-efficiency and clean-running, environmentally-sound performance. A primer-bulb ensures dependable starting from cold; while a friction-disc and aluminium cylinder works to maximise engine life. Another key feature on the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower is its front fins, which work wonders in terms of the quality of the finish and the efficiency of grass-collection. It has a set of large diameter ball-bearing mounted wheels with rubber rims, so it’s easy to push over rough ground; and it’s fitted with a large-capacity 55-litre grassbag, which lifts easily through the handlebar for hassle-free emptying (an integrated rear-deflector makes it possible to work without the collector, where conditions suit). This model gives you the choice of seven preset cutting-heights (13 – 65mm), which are simple to select using a single counter-balanced lever.

Mitox 430UX Premium Brushcutter

Mitox 430UX Premium Brushcutter £249.00
Extra power, low levels of vibration and ergonomic handling are the characteristics that make this superior Premium Range brushcutter from Mitox a great choice for gardeners looking for that bit more from their machinery.Its very high-performance 42.7cc air-cooled two-stroke engine develops an impressive 1.7hp and combines Mitox’s Auto Choke technology with clear printed instructions to ensure the starting process is super-simple and stress-free. Easy-to-follow starting-instructions printed on the engine-panel ensure you can’t go wrong; while a substantial 1.2-litre tank works to reduce downtime by minimising interruptions for refuelling.Coming equipped with a three-tooth metal blade and a nylon-line cutter-head, the Mitox 430UX Premium Brushcutter is suitable for both aggressive vegetation clearance and lighter-duty lawn-edging and fence-line maintenance.It features a classic pro-style ‘U’ handlebar, so you’ll find that efficient side-to-side sweeping-motion comes naturally; and it incorporates Mitox’s high-specification anti-vibration measures for long periods of comfortable, low-fatigue brushcutting.

Mitox 330UX Premium Brushcutter

Mitox 330UX Premium Brushcutter £229.00
Anyone seeking a premium-range brushcutter at a price that won’t break the bank should check-out the powerful and impressively well-equipped Mitox 330UX.Key to its superior cutting-performance is its extra-powerful 32.6cc Mitox engine; a two-stroke, air-cooled unit that produces a beefy 1.2hp; and which features Mitox’ Auto Choke system, whereby a choice of settings is offered for cold and hot starting (the choke resets to ‘idle’ when throttle is applied).A set of clear instructions printed on the engine’s side-panel makes the starting process super-simple; while a large-capacity 0.9-litre fuel-tank works to limit down-time by lessening the number of top-up starts.The ‘bike’ (or ‘cowhorn’) handlebar on the Mitox 330UX Premium Brushcutter provides optimum control and manoeuvrability and enables a comfortable side-to-side sweeping motion. A high-grade double shoulder-harness ensures long periods of low-fatigue brushcutting; while Mitox’s enhanced anti-vibration measures mean you won’t expose your body to excessive stress and strain. The Mitox 330UX weighs a minimal 7.1kg and comes equipped with a nylon-line strimmer-head and a three-tooth metal brush-blade.

Mitox 330LX Premium Brushcutter

Mitox 330LX Premium Brushcutter £219.00
Clear areas of tall weeds and dense scrub, or simply keep those lawn-edges and fence-lines tidy with this high-specification domestic-use brushcutter from Mitox.Powering it is a high-output 32.6cc (1.2hp) Mitox air-cooled two-stroke engine that boasts a roomy 0.9-litre fuel-tank for fewer interruptions to the task in hand; and which has clear starting instructions printed on its side-panel so as to make the ignition process hassle-free.A low-effort recoil mechanism will see the engine spark into life with a gentle pull on the starter-rope; while Mitox’s Auto Choke system provides settings for both hot and cold starts.The Mitox 330LX Premium Brushcutter is difficult to beat when it comes to ergonomics, with its loop-and-bar handle configuration; enhanced anti-vibration measures; and soft grips all working to optimise operator-comfort. This model weighs just 7.1kg and is supplied as standard with a three-tooth metal brush-blade and a nylon-line grass-trimming head.