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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 15th, 2014.
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Price cut on this product at MowDirect

Oleo-Mac OM91-PLUS/14.5 KM Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo - 3 Hours Use)

Oleo-Mac OM91-PLUS/14.5 KM Lawn & Garden Tractor (Ex Demo – 3 Hours Use) was £1479.00 now £1399.00
Designed to produce a quick cut on larger-sized lawns thanks to its wide 91cm cutting deck, this Italian-made garden tractor from Oleo-Mac has top quality features throughout and comes with a reassuring 3 Year Warranty.It employs a high-performance 432cc OHV engine, so power, reliability, and low fuel-costs are guaranteed. An electric key-start ensures quick hassle-free starting every time.The aerodynamically optimised cutter-deck and specially-shaped twin blades on this 91cm tractor work to ensure cut grass is driven at high-velocity into the large 210-litre collector, thereby avoiding clumping and blockages when working in typically damp U.K. conditions. An audible ‘collector full’ warning lets you know when a trip to the compost-heap is needed.In order to ensure you can cope with changing grass-types; terrain; and weather conditions, this Oleo-Mac Lawn Tractor has been equipped with a six-speed manual drive (5 + 1) and a seven-stage cutting-height (30 – 90mm).It features a deck-wash facility, which makes it easy to clear performance-inhibiting debris from the deck’s underside; and it has an adjustable seat for a more comfortable drive.Despite its size, the Oleo-Mac OM91-PLUS/14.5 KM has a turning-radius of just 80cm, so you won’t have to carry-out a multi-point turn at the end of each pass.