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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - June 16th, 2014.
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Price cut on this product at Blooming Direct

Premium Lily 'Kushi Maya' - pack of 5 bulbs size 14/16

Premium Lily ‘Kushi Maya’ – pack of 5 bulbs size 14/16 was £5.99 now £4.99
What a fantastic Lily ‘Kushi Maya’ is – both from it’s extraordinarily unusual chocolate maroon and lime green flowers, but also from the rare and difficult hybridisation techniques that created it. For many years the wild species Lilium nepalense has been grown, but it could be problematic and was often only a small, weak rhizome. Pioneering Dutch breeders cross-pollinated it with today’s more well known Oriental (Stargazer) types, a cross that often does not work – but this time with the aid of some clever science it did, and what a result! ‘Kushi Maya’ is thus one very special Lily indeed – reaching up to 1M in year one, and 1.5M tall in 3-4 years, it is really quite straightforward to grow, unlike it’s wild parent. It produces strong stems of the most unusual and large lime green to lemon flowers, with a deep centre of contrasting chocolate to maroon purple, gentle hanging and nodding downwards. And to top it all, it is also highly fragrant, and fully hardy so will come back year after year bigger and better. The name ‘Kushi Maya’ is a term of endearment used towards Nepalese children, although it’s literal translation means ‘Happy Love’. Plant some happiness in your garden!