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New products at PondKeeper

by John - June 17th, 2014.
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New items at PondKeeper

Oase Oxytex Set 1000

Oase Oxytex Set 1000 £189.99
Designed to operate at the pond floor the Oase Oxytex unit fed by the 1000lph air pump (supplied) ensures your pond is oxygenated sufficiently. It offers a comination of pond aeration, circulation and settlement surface. It supplies the pond with vital oxygen supplies. Its fibrous structure ensures that there is a high surface area for important micro organisms that decompose the nutrients.

Buy with Confidence

Buy with Confidence £100.00
We just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you are dealing with real people at this end. That your order will be dealt with promptly and that our support team are available at the end of a phoneline or email if required.
Take advantage of our wealth of experience to buy the best products at the lowest price around (we constantly monitor the market to offer the best prices around).
We look forward to your order.
Best regards,
Stephen Armstrong
Managing Director

Netfloat Pond Protectors - Ring - TRIPLE PACK

Netfloat Pond Protectors – Ring – TRIPLE PACK £64.97
Unique interlocking heron protection system that floats on the surface of your pond.Ring version is perfect for round and/or small ponds – check out rectangular version for large ponds.Netfloat is less obtrusive than conventional pond netting and can be fitted to any shape fish pond. The Netfloat system works as an efficient deterrent protecting any Koi Carp or Goldfish from Heron attack! Netfloat can be cut or left out to allow pond plants such as Lilies to grow through and they can easily be removed and replaced for pond maintenance.

Digital pH Tester

Digital pH Tester £54.99
This Digital ph Tester is a godsend for those pondkeeper’s who want to keep an eye on water quality quickly and easily.


pondliner £50.00

Nishikoi Staple Food Pellets 5kg (medium)

Nishikoi Staple Food Pellets 5kg (medium) £44.99
These Nishikoi Staple Fish Food Pellets will provide your fish with a complete, well balanced diet. Containing all the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth.

Filter Foams Triple Pack - 43x21

Filter Foams Triple Pack – 43×21 £39.99
Super quality thick foam sheets to replace your filter foams whne they get blocked, worn and dirty.Pack consists of 3 profiled reticulated foam sheets:
– 1 x Coarse
– 1 x Medium
– 1 x Fine
It is usual to expect to replace your pond filter sponges once every couple of years – however, this all depends on how much waster your filter is having to handle on a daily basis.

Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder

Fish Mate Pond Fish Feeder £29.99
Great for holidays – but also being used by many fishkeepers on a daily basis too – this inexpensive device ensures your fish are automatically served the right amount of food

Solar Star Light String (50 white LEDs)

Solar Star Light String (50 white LEDs) £24.99
Light string is powered by separate solar battery station allowing lights to be placed in shady areas.