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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - June 18th, 2014.
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New items at MowDirect

Hayter Harrier 56 Pro Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower (Code: 566) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

Hayter Harrier 56 Pro Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower (Code: 566) (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) £979.00
The Hayter Harrier 56 Pro Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower is a premium-quality commercial-grade machine, ideal for professional users looking for a powerful and dependable work-partner. Its very high-performance 190cc Briggs & Stratton 850 Ex Series EcoPlus I/C engine with Ready Start is reliable, fuel-efficient and clean-running; and is equipped with a cast-iron cylinder liner for maximum durability. Hayter have also incorporated their unique friction-disc system, which brings with it a lifetime guarantee against crankshaft bending. Thanks to its large-diameter split rear-roller, the Hayter Harrier 56 Pro will produce a pronounced striped finish and has the stability needed when mowing along lawn-edges. The roller has a ribbed profile, which reduces the potential for turf damage and improves traction for a consistent cut. Self-aligning ball-bearings ensure the roller moves very smoothly over the ground. The Hayter Harrier 56 Pro is comfortable and easy-to-use. Its effort-saving single-speed autodrive transmission does away with the need to push, and is set at 2.7mph, optimising performance in terms of both cutting and collection. Comprehensive vibration-reduction and ergonomically laid-out controls also contribute significantly to user-comfort. Designed to withstand the rigours of regular commercial use, the Hayter Harrier 56 Pro has a corrosion-resistant aluminium deck; handlebar support struts; heavy-duty ball-bearing mounted wheels and a front bumper-bar. Other professional-grade features include a huge 70-litre collapsible grass-collector, which can be easily removed through the handlebars and saves space during storage; and a centrally-adjusted height-of-cut (13 – 60mm), for quick, hassle-free changes to blade-position.

STIHL HS45-24 Petrol Hedgecutter (Second Hand 3 Hours Use)

STIHL HS45-24 Petrol Hedgecutter (Second Hand 3 Hours Use) £189.00
With its more expansive 60cm blades, the German-manufactured Stihl HS45-24 is the sensible choice for those looking-after a larger hedge. Offering the sort of advanced ergonomics for which Stihl have become renowned, it employs comprehensive vibration-damping measures that work to prevent the blood-vessel damage that people who regularly use handheld power-tools sometimes experience. Its ultra-lightweight build (4.9kg) and well-balanced design contribute further to user-comfort. The Stihl HS45-24 Petrol Hedgecutter is driven by a high-powered 27.2cc engine that features an electronic ignition module which has been fully enclosed so as prevent moisture and grime getting into it. ElastoStart lessen the force you need to apply to the starter-rope and reduces the ‘kick’ upon ignition. The high-quality steel blades on this model are double-sided for fast and efficient trimming; and they have a generous 30mm tooth-pitch that facilitates the cutting-back of heavier growth.

Greenworks 24v Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer (2200207-A)

Greenworks 24v Long Reach Cordless Hedge Trimmer (2200207-A) £139.95
Petrol long reach hedge trimmers can be heavy, awkward, noisy, giving off harmful emissions. Contrast that with this lightweight, well-balanced, quiet and emission free cordless long reach trimmer which employs advanced lithium-ion battery technology. Delivering petrol performance at a fraction of the cost or fuss, this easy-to-use garden tool features the most advanced battery technology in the industry.Greenworks’ lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, superior quality units that offer full power for the whole duration of each charge, and can be re-charged up to 2000 times. They have 3 – 4 times the life span of Nickel Cadmium batteries, offering years of successful operation.You can store these batteries away for days, weeks, months even and will find the same charge in them that you left, thanks to minimal power discharge. You can charge them to the max’ for a runtime of up to 35 minutes of cutting action, or just charge them enough to carry out a very quick trim without negative effects to the battery. The quality of build and design is very high. The hedgetrimmer has a sturdy feel whilst keeping a low weight (3.9kg) and the balance and manoeuvrability are very good. The dual blades are reciprocating to prevent jamming. They are also laser cut and very durable, helping keep vibrations very low. The head pivots to seven positions to make multi-angled cutting and trimming the tops of very tall hedges easy. The shaft extends to produce a reach (including the operator) of between 2.4-3.6 metres to help reach those awkward areas.Comfort, with all Greenworks products, is a priority so the handles are cushioned with over-moulded grips and a padded armrest is also featured. There is also a safety lock-off switch to prevent the machine starting up by accident. The lithium-Ion battery is included with this hedge trimmer, as is the charger.

Greenworks 24v Deluxe Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Twist Handle (2200107-A)

Greenworks 24v Deluxe Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Twist Handle (2200107-A) £129.95
Imagine a hedge trimmer that gives you petrol-style power and freedom with the ‘no fumes, no fuss and no maintenance’ of electricity. A garden tool that delivers on every front – power, cost effectiveness, comfort, convenience and incomparable performance – that’s the Greenworks 24v cordless hedge trimmer. Utilising industry-leading technology, this hedge trimmer has a groundbreaking lithium-Ion battery that is lighter, charges faster, lasts longer and fully maintains its power while not in use, even after months. This battery provides up to 2000 charge cycles, three to four times the power delivered by Ni-cad batteries, is a third of the weight and reduces energy use by up to 35%. It delivers a run time of up to 35 minutes on a 1-hour charge and is so easy to fit; it really is click-in, switch on and go. Charge it full for a long hedge trimming session or part charge to take off a stray twig or two; this advanced battery has no memory so there are no negative effects. With all-round build quality that belies its price tag, the twin reciprocating laser-cut, steel blades produce a clean and precise finish, and the weight is so low, at 3.3kg, it is easy to handle, even for long periods. The blades are 56cm long for extended reach, enabling the trimmer to tackle parts of the hedge that may be difficult to access without over-stretching. Advanced battery technology means lowered vibrations and minimal engine noise, ideal for the suburban or urban user. The handle is well cushioned with over-mould grips and a transparent guard at the front handle protects the operator while making sure there is a clear view of the cutting action. A safety lock-off switch prevents accidental starting.The handle rotates at the touch of a button – another great feature in this price bracket – and the 180