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New products at PondKeeper

by John - June 18th, 2014.
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PondKeeper added loads of new items

Heissner F1 Pond Vacuum with Collector

Heissner F1 Pond Vacuum with Collector £249.99
This pond cleaner comes direct from Heissner of Germany. It’s solid build quality is reflected in the 5 year guarantee that comes free with this item.
Power is easily controlled via the on/off button conveniently located on the product handle.
The 155w motor is economical and quiet in use but generates huge suction power of 8000lph. This suction is more powerful than standard chamber vacuums that are designed to sit on the side of the pond.
The strong suction blades can pick up solids up to 25mm (1″) in size.The pond vac is safe to be used with fish.

TMC pro Pond UVC 110 watts

TMC pro Pond UVC 110 watts £199.99
The perfect solution for the larger pond. This beauty will keep ponds up to 72,000 litres clear from green water.

Heissner Pond Vacuum F2 - Sludge Vac

Heissner Pond Vacuum F2 – Sludge Vac £129.99
This powerful sludge vacuum will pick up dirt and debris from the bottom of your pond. Its powerful 8000 litres per hour motor generates far more suction than typical chamber/pondside vacuums.

TMC ProClear UVC 30w

TMC ProClear UVC 30w £99.99
TMC were the first company to bring the notion of Ultraviolet Clarifiers to the UK pond market back in the 1970’s. As such their products are well trusted.This 30w model can take a flow of up to 13500lph and will keep a pond up to 27,000 litres (6000 gallons) clear of green water.

Heissner Jumping Jet Water Pump Feature

Heissner Jumping Jet Water Pump Feature £64.99
Fire an arc of illuminated water up to 1m with this fantastic feature.This low voltage water feature is safe and easy to install beside any pond. It provides a stunning focal point.

Netfloat Pond Protectors - Square - Triple

Netfloat Pond Protectors – Square – Triple £64.97
Original interlocking protection system that floats on the surface of your pond. Deters both herons and cats which both attack from the pond edge.This larger rectangular version is perfect for large or square designs- check out netfloat rings version for small round ponds.Netfloat is less obtrusive than conventional pond netting and can be fitted to any shape fish pond. The Netfloat system works as an efficient deterrent protecting any Koi Carp or Goldfish from Heron attack! Netfloat can be cut or left out to allow pond plants such as Lilies to grow through and they can easily be removed and replaced for pond maintenance.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 4kg

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 4kg £54.99
New blanketweed killer that instantly achieves ‘recommended’ status!
Simply introduce to your pond by first mixing the stated amount of powder with water into a watering can the pour evenly over your pond’s surface. The pond will initially take on a ‘milky’ appearance, but this will clear after about 4-5 days. The ingredients will form a powdery layer on the pond floor.
This 4000g tub will treat ponds up to 50,000 litres (40 ml treats 500 litres).
In most ponds one single use is all you require but can be added as required. For best results use when pond water temperature is above 10 degrees.

Pond Water Meter with hose joiners

Pond Water Meter with hose joiners £49.99
High quality, accurate pond water meter supplied with a pair of screw-on hosepipe adaptors. Simply attach the water meter when filling your pond (typically by garden hose) to record the exact volume of water your pond contains

Waterfall Foam Complete Kit

Waterfall Foam Complete Kit £44.99
Kit contains super-value 680g (24oz) Black Waterfall Can, a professional gun for accurate dispensing and a cleaning agent to clean-up after you are finished.


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