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by Sarah - June 19th, 2014.
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MowDirect just added this new item

Efco DS2400-H Long-Reach Pole Hedgetrimmer (50cm)

Efco DS2400-H Long-Reach Pole Hedgetrimmer (50cm) £399.00
If you’re a professional landscaper looking for a safe, ladder-free way to trim and shape very high-hedges, then the Efco DS2400-H is the machine for you (it has an overall length of 1.8m). It’s powered by a very high-performance 21.7cc (1.2hp) engine, which features a digital coil for improved fuel-economy on start-up, and which employs a fuel-primer to ensure you’ll have no problems getting the engine going from cold. A rev-limiter prevents damage to key parts when operating at high engine-speeds. The Efco DS2400-H Long-Reach Pole Hedgetrimmer is built to give years of service, with it aluminium transmission-housing, commercial-grade dive-linkage and employment of only quality components all combining to maximise the machine’s useful life. Thanks to its ultra-sharp double-sided blades with a 35mm tooth-gap, the Efco DS2400-H will cut quickly and cleanly through large-diameter growth. The cutter-head is rotatable through 12-stages from 0 – 180