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New products at Gardens and Homes Direct

by Sarah - June 26th, 2014.
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Gardens and Homes Direct has these new products today

Bosch Garden Electric Shredder AXT 25TC

Bosch Garden Electric Shredder AXT 25TC £497.99
This versatile, multi purpose shredder, with turbine cut, is perfectly suited to a large garden with all types of plant material. It has automatic feed and low noise levels for extremely convenient shredding. The collection box has a capacity of 53 litres whilst the removable hopper makes filling easy, with safe release of blockages. The tool only works when the collection box is in position. The AXT 25 TC silent turbine shredder will handle virtually all types of green material, including leaves, branches and tough wood.This AXT 25 TC shredder boasts an incredibly high cutting capacity and an automatic feeder for easy use. Features: Motor: Powerful 2500 W Turbine cutting system. Torque: 650 Nm. Cutting capacity: 45 mm. Throughput rate: 230 kg per hour. Turns your garden debris into something…

Bosch Garden Cordless Rotary mower 36v - ROTAK 32LI

Bosch Garden Cordless Rotary mower 36v – ROTAK 32LI £399.99
Cordless freedom: The Bosch Cordless Rotary Mower 36v – ROTAK 32LI is lightweight for easy handling with no tangling cables or petrol exhaust fumes. The new Bosch