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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - June 28th, 2014.
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Gardening Direct has these new items today

Happy Bee Mix 160 Bulbs

Happy Bee Mix 160 Bulbs £17.99
Bee Friendly BulbsThese bulbs will create a wonderful, colourful display in your garden, as well as being a great source of nectar for bees from early Spring right through to early Summer.

Tulip Strong Colours 30 Bulbs

Tulip Strong Colours 30 Bulbs £16.49
With contrasting red and yellow colours, this mix of Tulips will create a striking display in your garden borders or patio pots.

Tulip Imperial Friends 30 Bulbs

Tulip Imperial Friends 30 Bulbs £16.49
Create sunny and colourful displaysWith a mix of yellows and oranges, the Imperial Friends tulips will create truly bright displays in your patio pots and garden.

Daffodil Mix 30 Bulbs

Daffodil Mix 30 Bulbs £16.49
New variety pack of golden DaffodilsFill your garden with beautiful golden shades with this new variety pack of Daffodil bulbs.

Tulip Peaceful Pastels 30 Bulbs

Tulip Peaceful Pastels 30 Bulbs £16.49
Calming colours with these stunning double TulipsIn shades of pinks, purple and white, these stunning double Tulips will create a calming display in your patio pots and garden borders.

Famous Woman Mix 30 Bulbs

Famous Woman Mix 30 Bulbs £14.99
Fantastic new mixThese tulips have a new designer mix with a fantastic variety of colours to create stunning displays in your garden.

Tulip Sweet Romance 30 Bulbs

Tulip Sweet Romance 30 Bulbs £14.99
Calming displays in pretty pinks and white.A delightful mix of single Tulips in pinks and white will create a calming display in these pretty colours. Ideal for your garden borders and patio pots.

Happy Butterfly Bulbs Mix 40 Bulbs

Happy Butterfly Bulbs Mix 40 Bulbs £12.99
Attract Butterflies to your gardenThis lovely mix of bulbs will attract Butterflies to your garden, providing a valuable food source essential for butterflies and pollinators.