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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - July 2nd, 2014.
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MowDirect reduced the price on these items today

Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Petrol Hedge Trimmer was £239.00 now £219.00
A third generation family-run business with over 80-years of accumulated manufacturing expertise under their belts, it’s no surprise Tanaka are capable of producing machines of this quality.The Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Petrol Hedge Trimmer comes powered by a high-specification 21.1cc (0.87hp) two-stroke engine which utilises the Japanese company’s acclaimed PureFire technology, whereby emissions and fuel-consumption are minimised with no compromise on power-output.A roomy 0.3-litre fuel-tank ensures fewer time-consuming breaks for topping-up; while Tanaka’s S-Start ignition system means the engine will fire-up with the gentlest of tugs on the starter-rope.Fitted with a pair of 50cm double-sided, double reciprocating blades, the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) will enable you to tame a mid-sized domestic hedge with speed and efficiency.It has a generous 30mm tooth-gap, so larger-diameter branches can be cut without twisting and bruising; and benefits from a front-mounted exhaust that makes the working environment much more pleasant for the operator.Last but not least, this model features a 180˚ Quick-Twist™ rear-handle, that not only facilitates the creation of complex shapes, but also allows for comfortable left-handed use. It weighs only 4.3kg.

Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower (Code: 616)

Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower (Code: 616) was £279.00 now £275.00
Lightweight; highly manoeuvrable; and offering a compact 41cm cut, this easy-to-use but impressively well-equipped push-type mower will make maintaining your smaller lawn a breeze. It’s superbly well-built, with all the key components (engine; handlebars; transmission, etc) fixed securely to the rust-resistant aluminium chassis. To ensure weight is minimised without compromising strength, the rest of the machine is made from impact-resistant ABS polymer. The Hayter Spirit 41 is powered by a 158cc (4hp) Briggs & Stratton 500-Series engine; a vertical-type power-unit that combines superior reliability with outstanding fuel-efficiency and clean-running, environmentally-sound performance. A primer-bulb ensures dependable starting from cold; while a friction-disc and aluminium cylinder works to maximise engine life. Another key feature on the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Wheeled Lawn Mower is its front fins, which work wonders in terms of the quality of the finish and the efficiency of grass-collection. It has a set of large diameter ball-bearing mounted wheels with rubber rims, so it’s easy to push over rough ground; and it’s fitted with a large-capacity 55-litre grassbag, which lifts easily through the handlebar for hassle-free emptying (an integrated rear-deflector makes it possible to work without the collector, where conditions suit). This model gives you the choice of seven preset cutting-heights (13 – 65mm), which are simple to select using a single counter-balanced lever.

Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer was £299.00 now £279.00
Long a favourite of landscape professionals and domestic topiary enthusiasts alike, Tanaka hedgetrimmers are considered by many to be the finest machines of their type on the market. This model has been equipped with a 21.1cc Tanaka PureFire engine; an advanced two-stroke unit that delivers its ample power (0.87hp) with reduced emissions and lower fuel-costs when compared to lower-specifications engines with similar power ratings. Tanaka’s S-Start technology works to minimise decompression ‘kick’ and starter-rope resistance, so smooth, low-effort starting is assured; while their provision of a capacious 0.3-litre fuel-tank ensures long operating-times between each break for refuelling.The Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer boasts a set of expansive 62cm double-sided, dual-reciprocating blades that will enable you to cover a substantial hedge in quick-time.A tooth-pitch of 35mm means you’ll be able to trim thick, woody growth without fear of the twisting and chewing that can lead to infection; while a 180˚ Quick-Twist™ rear-handle makes it possible to achieve the optimum angle of attack; and also facilitates comfortable left-handed operation.This model also features a front mounted exhaust, so heat and gas is directed well away from the user’s face for a more pleasant working experience.

Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter

Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter was £359.00 now £319.00
The Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter offers one of the most impressive power-to-weight ratios of any machine in its class, and as a result will make light work of any heavily overgrown areas around your property. It’s driven by a very high-performance 27cc two-stroke engine that develops a beefy 1.4hp, and which utilises Tanaka’s PureFire technology, whereby the emission of harmful exhaust particulates is drastically cut. A chrome-plated, stress relieved cylinder works to maximise engine-life; while Tanaka’s S-Start system means the action of the recoil-starter is particularly soft and smooth. Featuring a solid-steel drive-shaft for optimum torque transfer, the Tanaka TBC270PFDS Brushcutter will scythe effortlessly through dense vegetation. It comes with a nylon-line head as well as a metal blade, so you’ll also be able to take-on lighter-duty grass-trimming and edging jobs; and it’s fitted with a pro-grade ‘U’-type handlebar, which not only aids manoeuvrability, but also helps to keep user-fatigue at bay for longer. The unit’s full anti-vibration system and very low-weight build (4.6kg) contribute further to operator-comfort.

Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer was £345.00 now £319.00
Designed with both demanding home-gardeners and commercial landscapers in mind, this premium Japanese-designed hedgetrimmer from Tanaka is characterised by its perfect balance; superior performance; and extremely low vibration levels.Driving it is a beefy 0.87hp (21.1cc) two-stroke engine that incorporates Tanaka’s highly regarded PureFire technology, whereby power-output is maximised while fuel-costs and polluting exhaust emissions are minimised. Tanaka’s S-Start system ensures ignition can be achieved with a just gentle pull on the starter-cord; while their provision of a forward-mounted exhaust outlet makes for a more pleasant working environment by directing heat and gases well away from the user’s face. The Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (62) Petrol Hedge Trimmer has been fitted with a series of anti-vibration springs that combine with its low-weight build (5kg) to ensure time-consuming shaping and trimming jobs can be finished in comfort.Boasting a pair of 62cm double-sided, double-reciprocating blades, the Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (62) offers a fast work-rate on the larger hedge.It has a substantial 35mm tooth-pitch, so it won’t leave a hedge containing thicker growth bruised and infection-prone; and it’s equipped with a large-capacity 0.3-litre fuel-tank that serves to minimise downtime caused by refuelling stops.Another key feature on this model is its 180˚ five-step twistable rear-handle, which ensures you can approach any hedge at the safest and most comfortable angle.

Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK All-Road Petrol Lawnmower with Alloy Deck

Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK All-Road Petrol Lawnmower with Alloy Deck was £359.95 now £349.95
This premium-grade lawnmower offers advanced styling and ergonomics as well as high-end features and unbeatable performance – all at a great price! It has a solid alloy deck that won’t rust or corrode and has been designed with durability in mind. And with fuel economy, efficiency, user-friendly features and comfort also built in, this mower offers a lot of features and function for the price.The cutting deck is made of a high quality die-cast aluminium that is 4mm thick. It’s resistant to wear, impact and corrosion resistance, so will last you a lifetime of use. The mower is equipped with an extremely powerful 196cc engine, the Emak K 800 OHV. It is smooth running and easy to start and the overhead valve technology it employs ensures quieter and more efficient performance with fewer harmful emissions and better fuel economy. The engine drives a self-propulsion system to the rear wheels so mowing even large areas is effortless. The top speed of 3.6 km/h is perfect for faster, neater cutting but still a comfortable walking pace for an operator. The combination of a high capacity cutting blade and carefully streamlined deck delivers optimal cutting performance and collection. Mulching is (plug available separately) enables you can take advantage of the benefits of using your own clippings to nourish and develop and healthier and greener looking lawn. The grass collector has a huge capacity of 80 litres – one of the largest available on the market – so you will need to stop and empty on far fewer occasions. The hard top helps to keep the dust down when it is dry and the fabric under ensures maximum airflow. A grassbag full collector indicator is included to save you having to stop and check when the collector is full.Cutting heights can be adjusted easily using a robust, ergonomic handle. There are 5 different positions and the heights range from 28mm up to 75mm. The handle bars are ergonomic and adjustable, with three positions, so you can find the one that is right for your height and avoid back strain. Other top features include a built in carry handle at the front of the mower makes it easier to load into the back of your vehicle and large sized ball-bearing wheels with innovative tread grips for improved traction on slippy or difficult ground.

Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer was £389.00 now £359.00
Tanaka’s petrol hedgetrimmers are considered by many to be the best available, and as such will prove an invaluable purchase whether you’re a professional gardener or domestic topiary fan.Powering it is an advanced 21.1cc Tanaka PureFire engine; a 0.87hp two-stroke unit that’s characterised by its powerful cutting ability; superior fuel-efficiency; and low-emission operation without any drop in performance.A front-positioned exhaust outlet provides a more pleasant working environment by ensuring gases and heat are ejected away from the operator’s body; while Tanaka’s renowned S-Start recoil mechanism facilitates low-effort pull-starts by significantly reduced resistance in the starter-cord.It’s equipped with an extra-long twin-sided, double-reciprocating blade-set (78cm), so you’ll be able to zip around an expansive hedge with speed and efficiency; and it boasts a generous 35mm tooth-pitch, so large-diameter twigs can be tamed without fear of twisting and unsightly bruising. The Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (78) Petrol Hedge Trimmer weighs a mere 5.2kg and has been equipped with a series of sprung vibration-damping mounts; a combination that ensures you’ll be able to finish large-scale jobs with minimum strain on your hands and arms.

Hayter Motif 53 Autodrive Lawn Mower (Code: 435)

Hayter Motif 53 Autodrive Lawn Mower (Code: 435) was £505.00 now £499.00
With its extra-wide 53cm cut and effort-saving Autodrive transmission, the Hayter Motif 53 is an impressively fast and efficient performer over large areas (both lawns and rough grass areas). Power is supplied by one of Briggs & Stratton’s most popular engines; the 650-Series. These high-torque, overhead-valve units are rated at 5.5hp and deliver unprecedented performance, reliability and fuel-economy for engines of their size. B & S’s Prime ‘n’ Pull technology ensures just the right amount of fuel is pumped to the carburettor for consistent starts with no flooding; while the employment of a pleated automotive-style air-filter works to reduce wear on vital parts, in turn extending the engine’s working-life. A unique feature on this British-built mower is Hayter’s cutter-bar friction disc, which prevents the crankshaft bending in the unlikely event you hit a solid obstacle (the crank brings with it a lifetime guarantee). Longevity is further enhanced by the utilisation of a premium-quality steel deck. The Hayter Motif 53 Autodrive Lawn Mower comes equipped with a fabric grassbag (59-litres), which has two clear advantages over a rigid collector. Firstly, spent air can escape, allowing you to pack-in more clippings; and secondly, it can be collapsed to help save space in the storage area. This model also features an eight-stage cutting-height (25 – 55) for precision setting of the blade position. Adjustments are simple to make using just a single lever.

Hayter R53S Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower VS ES (Sens-A-Speed Transmission) (Code: 448)

Hayter R53S Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower VS ES (Sens-A-Speed Transmission) (Code: 448) was £539.00 now £529.00
Characterised by its versatile three-in-one design (collect, mulch or side-discharge), the Hayter R53S Power-Driven Recycling Lawn Mower will prove a great buy whether you’re maintaining a fine lawn or a more informal grassed area. Mulching is most effective on regularly mown lawns; while side-discharge mode comes into its own on longer grass. An adjustable height-of-cut (25 – 114mm) further enhances flexibility of use. Highly innovative, the Hayter R53S incorporates Hayter’s superb Sens-a-Speed transmission. This premium feature matches the mower’s ground-speed to your walking-pace, giving you the control you need to negotiate obstacles, borders and tight corners. Power is supplied by a powerful but fuel-efficient 190cc four-stroke engine from Briggs & Stratton. Electric start makes ignition a quick, hassle-free operation. The Hayter R53S is certainly built to last, with its steel deck conferring outstanding robustness and longevity. A capacious 54.5-litre grass-catcher keeps downtime to minimum when working in collection-mode; and a height adjustable soft-grip handlebar ensures the mower remains comfortable to use for the duration of large-scale applications. Hayter have also built-in an Operator Presence Control for maximum user-safety.