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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - July 18th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds has these new lines today

Multi-purpose Grow Frame - Medium

Multi-purpose Grow Frame – Medium £24.99
Made from weather-proof plastic-coated steel, these grow frames offer exceptional value for money. They comprise stakes, netting, extenders and easy-clips (ingenious and sturdy clips that hold stakes tightly in place). Can be assembled as a crop cage or a cloche simply clip together the stakes, insert the pointed ends into the ground, extend to required size and cover with the net supplied (using the zip ties included).Medium – 2.4m (8′) long x 1.2m (4′) wide x 1.2m (4′) high.

Rhodeodendron Inkarho Plant - LUCKY DIP

Rhodeodendron Inkarho Plant – LUCKY DIP £19.99
In the past, you may well have tried to grow rhododendrons and found that they have not flourished. Often this has been because of their specific requirements for a pH of 4 to 5.5 I(which most garden soils do not fall into). Over 25 years of breeding work has resulted in an Inkarho rootstock, whose stronger root systems are most resistant to salt, and will tolerate sandy soils and clay soils with a higher pH! Our LUCKY DIP gives you the opportunity to try one at a fantastic low price – the potted plant you receive will be a suprise and has been selected by us from the range we offer. Plant supplied in a 5 litre pot.(Image is for illustration purposes only.)

James Wong Exotic Fruit Plants - Collection

James Wong Exotic Fruit Plants – Collection £14.99
Why not grow your very own exotic fruit with these three delicious-tasting varieties from our James Wong range. The collection contains 6 plants (2 of each variety):Kaffir Lime – The cornerstone of oriental cooking! Just wait until you taste the difference between shop bought leaves and those you’ve picked fresh from your own bush. A lovely houseplant for a windowsill, which you can also put out on your patio during the summer. Snip off the largest, most mature leaves as required. Latin Name: Citrus hystrix. Supplied in 10cm pots.Strawberry Candy Cane – A delicious combination of ‘Candy Floss’ & ‘White Surprise’ alpine/musk strawberries. The scarlet variety is very fragrant, with an almost candyfloss-like flavour. The white is a wonderfully scented variety with the flavour of very sweet, ripe bananas. They are much favoured in French and Swiss kitchens. White bears its fruits in June and Scarlet gives a season-long supply of tasty, juicy berries. Ideal for hanging baskets where they will produce an abundance of delicious hanging fruit year after year. Supplied in 9cm pots.Fuchsia Gummi Berry – Easily the best kept South American secret since the map of Eldorado! Once prized by the Incas for their delicious fruit, the stunning pendant flowers of this ubiquitous hanging basket plant have somehow distracted us from the incredible edilbe potential of their shiny purple berries. James has selected the best tasting variety: sweet and berry-like, somewhere between a fig and a black cherry. Wonderful fresh, but delicious made into jam, dotted through muffins or cooked up with ginger and chilli as a tangy relish. Plus, the plants have exquisite marbled flowers and a semi-trailing habit, making them perfect for hanging baskets. Supplied in 9cm pots.

James Wong Taste Sensation Plants - Collection

James Wong Taste Sensation Plants – Collection £14.99
For the Veg Foodie …. Trendy Veg! Bon Appetit! As waves of different foods hit our country, eating habits change … the trendy and ‘nouvelle cuisine’ is often a more delicious, more nutritious option for old and young alike! Why not grow these four different varieties that are from our James Wong range and give your cooking a taste sensation!Society Garlic – So named because it tastes just like traditional garlic but doesnt give you bad breath! The tasty stems and flower buds have a sweet, roasted garlic flavour and are very versatile; use in salads or egg dishes just like chives, or cooked into stir-fries, quiches and much more. Plant outdoors in sun or partial shade. Snip blooms throughout the summer. This beautiful, ornamental plant is very easy to grow and once established will keep coming back year after year. Latin Name: Tulbaghia violacea. 1 plant supplied in a 10cm pot.Tree Chilli – Small, round, super-charged chillies are fruity, colourful and very, very spicy (easily as hot as a habanero and with a similar fruity tang). The world’s most cool-weather tolerant chilli. Lives for up to 15 years! Tree Chilli from Bolivia. Plant in May. Harvest: 1st year – late August; 2nd year – early July onwards. 2 potted plants.Wasabi Japonica – Did you know that most of the Wasabi we eat in the UK is actually a bogus concoction of mustard and horseradish? In fact, real Wasabi tubers lose their potent flavour within a day of being grated and cost an arm and a leg, hence the cheap mustard imitation! So growing your own is the perfect way to ensure you get an authentic Japanese experience. As well as the potent stem, the beautiful lily pad shaped leaves have a gentler wasabi tang and are fantastic wrapped around raw or smoked salmon with pickled ginger and a slick of cream cheese; exotic hors doeuvres your friends will never have tried before! Wasabi positively prefers overcast, damp, chilly weather, perfect! Plant out April-October. Harvest: Leaves in year 1. Stem takes 18-24 months to reach full size and flavour. 2 potted plants. Herb Lemon Grass – Central to Asian cuisine (especially Thai), lemon grass works well in Western dishes, too. Also called citronella or sereh, it grows in dense clumps, from which the individual stems are cut. Stems look a little like fat spring onions, and are composed of tightly packed grey-green leaves. The fragrance and flavour is unique – lemony, but sweet – and is quite subtle until the stalk is cut or bashed. Loves wet soil, making it the perfect plant for that damp area at the back of the garden where nothing will grow, on the margins of a pond, or even as a potted indoor plant as long as its toes are kept wet. A burst of flavour! Delicious flavours to enhance your cooking. Latin Name: Cymbopogon citratus. 1 plant supplied in a 1 litre pot.

Digitalis Plants OFFER - Dalmatian

Digitalis Plants OFFER – Dalmatian £10.00
Uniform in height and early flowering. Plants are nicely branched, with compact foliage, and colours including purple, cream, white, and rose. Flowers June-November. Height 60-65cm (24-26). Back of border variety.

Shrub Plants - LUCKY DIP

Shrub Plants – LUCKY DIP £9.99
Showy shrubs provide gorgeous blooms at a time little else is flowering. Every gardener should try these easy-to-grow shrubs. They come in a variety of heights shapes and colours and should be near the top of your list of plants to grow in a mixed shrub and perennial border. Our LUCKY DIP contains 3 plants supplied in 9cm pots, selected by us, that have been picked from our range – so what you receive will be a surprise! (Images are for illustration purpose only.)