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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - July 20th, 2014.
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Blooming Direct has these new lines today

Pair of Full Standard Bay trees 1.5M+

Pair of Full Standard Bay trees 1.5M+ £99.99
Add a stately look to your home with these beautiful Bay Trees. These plants have been professionally grown and have a ball of fragrant evergreen foliage aloft an elegant ruler-straight stem. They are easy to care for and look simply stunning in big pots. The lush foliage has a mouth-watering flavour and rich aroma and can be added to stews or marinades or used to add depth to cooking all year long. They look fabulous in pairs either side of doorways, gates, or paths, and add a sense of classic style and structure in gardens of every size. Easy to maintain, these bay trees enjoy moist, but well-drained soil, positioned in full sun or partial shade.

Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes 60cm tall

Pair of Pink Bougainvillea Bushes 60cm tall £39.99
Vibrantly coloured and very long lasting, Bougainvillea bracts will brighten your summer patio display and add a touch of the Mediterranean too! They are tropical climbers and are suitable for large containers which – when placed in the garden during summer – really do make a fabulous show. They don’t mind the cold, but for perennial displays, you will need to keep them frost-free during winter. They will grow best in a sunny spot, are low maintenance and very easy to grow in this form because they are mature when delivered.

Pack of 6 Hardy Trailing Heucherella 'Sunrise Falls' jumbo p

Pack of 6 Hardy Trailing Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’ jumbo p £14.99
From a fabulous and successful breeding program in the USA, this new fully trailing and full hardy Heucherella provides amazing year round foliage interest for hanging baskets and planters. Trailing up to 2 feet (60cm) in a year, the gorgeous golden yellow leaves have a sumptuous red central leaf marking, more pronounced in cooler autumn and spring. A real alternative to trailing ivies as a base plant for all year round baskets and tubs. Totally hardy to below -10C, so works well with trailing pansies in autumn and winter, or with brighter summer bedding. Will also grow as a groundcover plant if planted direct in borders, covering an area of 1 square metre in a year. ‘Sunrise Falls’ really is a great new hardy option for many uses, with the added benefit of compact stems of frothy white flowers in summer too.

English Aconites - pack of 25 in the green

English Aconites – pack of 25 in the green £9.99
Emerging like bright yellow stars from the soil, at the same time as snowdrops, Aconites herald the start of lengthening days in the garden. Perfect for mixing with snowdrops, and for colonising and naturalising under trees, or shady spots. Once planted, they will die back this season, and emerge stronger and better every February, slowly spreading out to gently cover small areas.

Pansy 'Matrix Mixed' 42 maxiplugs

Pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’ 42 maxiplugs £9.99
Proven over time to be one of the best and most reliable Winter Pansies, this divine mix of a kaleidoscope of colours will brighten any garden or patio in Winter and well into Spring. With their dark blotched centres like ‘happy faces’, they are perfect for mixed patio planters, pots, and tubs, as well as border planting at about 15cm apart. Very easy to grow, they will reach 15cm tall and spread, and flower form January right through into Summer, giving months of unparalleled flower power.

Dianthus 'Festival Mix' pack 12 jumbo plugs

Dianthus ‘Festival Mix’ pack 12 jumbo plugs £9.99
Dianthus brighten up any garden with their cheery colours in Winter & Spring. With an abundance of flowers with a delicate scent Dianthus are versatile and are great in pots and containers as well as in beds.

Primrose 'Blue Jeans' pack fo 6 x 9cm pots

Primrose ‘Blue Jeans’ pack fo 6 x 9cm pots £8.99
A sublime colour combination and a must for any garden. A compact Primula Acaulis growing to just 10-12 cm (4-5) tall, but with stunning visual impact. Flowers from January May each year perfect for pots and containers. LIMITED STOCK