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New products at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - July 22nd, 2014.
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Garden Buildings Direct added hundreds of new products

Maxim Island 5 Burner Gas BBQ

Maxim Island 5 Burner Gas BBQ £1099.90
Our Maxim Island 5 Burner Gas BBQ is a high spec and quality BBQ. Designed without wheels this large BBQ has been designed to a permanent resident in your garden turning your garden more into kitchen. This large BBQ has 5 Burners, Side Burner and Infrared Back Burner it has been designed with 2 Cabinets to ensure you have plenty of room. Manufactured by Grand Hall UK Ltd.

T410SBPK 3 Burner

T410SBPK 3 Burner £449.90
Napoleon Triumph 3 Burner

Cronos 3 Barbecue With Cabinet

Cronos 3 Barbecue With Cabinet £349.90
Our Cronos 3 Barbecue With Cabinet has the added feature of a 2 door cabinet for great storage capacity apart from all the features of the Cronos 3 burner. With an electronic ignition, Enamelled Flame Tamer and Chrome Enamelled Grill, you are sure to have great food with every use. Manufactured by Landmann.

4 Litres Lava Rock

4 Litres Lava Rock £16.95
Our Lava Stones are a great addition to your Gardeco Chiminea as they prevent thermal shock from occurring. Lava rocks prevent thermal cracking by absorbing heat from the fire the fire is built on top of the lava rocks and the lava rocks control and disperse the heat away from the clay material to stop any damage from occurring. The bag consists of 4 litres of Lava Stones . Manufactured by Gardeco.

Deluxe 2 Burner Roaster

Deluxe 2 Burner Roaster £109.95
Our fantastic Landmann Deluxe 2 Burner Roaster with Window and Side Burner Barbecue is a great gas barbecue, featuring two wheels to make it easy to move around within your garden or patio. The roasting hood benefits from a window alllowing you to see what you’re about to enjoy and make sure it doesnt burn. It also comes complete with a side burner as standard. Manufactured by Landmann.

Celina Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

Celina Bio-Ethanol Fireplace £104.95
Our Celina Bio-Ethanol Fireplace is one of the larger items from the Gardeco range. This fireplace is made from Stainless Steel and has a 1300ml fuel capacity. With no smoke, this bioethanol fireplace is environmentally friendly and an ideal piece for your living room. This stylish fireplace has two 6mm thick safety glass panels making the fireplace symmetrical and easy to position anywhere in your home or Garden . This Fireplace comes with a free bottle of 500ml bioethanol fuel. Manufactured by Gardeco.

3-4 Burner Cover

3-4 Burner Cover £29.90
BillyOh Premium PVC Flatbed BBQ Cover. In order to keep your bbq in the best possible condition we recommend you purchase a cover. A cover will help secure your bbq from the rain, snow or birds keeping it in pristine condition, nobody wants to eat from a BBQ that hasn t been correctly looked after. The cover is UV resistant so the colour will not fade.. Manufactured by

Black Taurus 440

Black Taurus 440 £109.90
Gathering your family around for a barbeque is a great activity for the summer, and you ll want to use a barbeque that s good quality. Cheaper barbeques can often have disastrous effects on your cooking, not being able control the temperate means your food ends up ruined. The Black Taurus Landman is a compact barbeque that packs a punch. It s the ideal size for a family barbeque or 6 people, you ll be surprised what this barbeque can handle It has many useful features you ll soon find yourself not able to live without on a barbeque. The barbeque design is compact with a black dome hood and black fire bowl, the cooking area is roughly 40cm x 18cm over a cook grill and charcoal grid. To make the most of space and help you to control temperature of the food there is two part grill, the upper one sitting higher up when the lid is open. This barbeque also features a fold away side self which allows you to store your cooking implements or food items, or even your favourite drink You ll never need to worry about it getting too hot under the hood as there is a thermometer installed on the lid. If you want to leave your food to cook for a long time, you can leave the hood down to get juicy, succulent food with no effort. The material of the barbeque is designed to be lightweight and portable, the two wheels make making this model easy and convenient. There is also adjustable ventilation control so you can control the temperature with airflow, whether you prefer to cook low and slow or really turn up the heat. After cooking there will always be some ash to clear up and this can be a messy, but this model comes with a removable ash catcher that makes it a simply task to remove ash. The lid also features heat protective handles.

6 Burner Hooded

6 Burner Hooded £289.90
Get sizzling this summer with a great all-rounder BBQ . There are many sensations of summer, and one of the best is the sound cooking food on a BBQ. There s nothing better than hearing your food sizzle as it hits the BBQ. A good BBQ is a must when you re entertaining this summer, that s why we think the BillyOh Acorn Hooded BBQ Range is everything you need from a BBQ. This range is offers you many practical elements that will make your summer food a real hit with your friends and family. This range of BBQs features a hood which gives you the option to use different cooking methods. With the hood down you can opt to roast you food which gives it a tender, succulent finish. With the lid up you can cook using the traditional direct BBQ method which produces equally tasty results. Clean style . There s nothing worse than trying to keep your BBQ clean, that s why we ve included a steel drip tray which catches any drips. This is easy to remove and easy to clean so you ll never have to worry about your BillyOh Acorn Hooded BBQ making a mess. The rest of the BBQ is also easy to clean which makes for simple maintenance. The main cooking area is spilt into two, a grill and griddle over lava rocks. Lava rocks are a popular cooking medium for BBQs as they disperse heat evenly. Gas for easy cooking style . Why spend all of your summer huffing and puffing to get your BBQ going Make cooking a swift process by simply turning on the gas. This BBQ works with your choice of has which can be stored under the BBQ on the handy self. The fabric front also keeps this shelf covered and looking tidy. The gas hose is included and is easy to connect to your bottle of gas. It s easy to control and adjust the cooking temperature with the large dials located on the front of the BBQ.


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