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New products at Garden Buildings Direct

by Sarah - August 2nd, 2014.
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Garden Buildings Direct just added these new items

Windsor High Back Armchair

Windsor High Back Armchair £44.90
BillyOh Windsor High Back Garden Armchair

Hampton High Back Garden Armchair

Hampton High Back Garden Armchair £59.90
BillyOh Hampton High Back Garden Armchair

Tripod Barbecue

Tripod Barbecue £79.90
Cooking on an open fire is one of the simplest pleasures you can enjoy on a summer afternoon or evening. The The XL Premium Tripod Landman is ideal for cooking in your back garden or even for camping trips, we think this gorgeous design will be right at home on your patio. If you re a barbecuing enthusiast then this is perfect for you, this style of cooking means you can try out exciting foods such as fish and seafood which excellent results. This BBQ can be used with charcoal fuel or lump wood charcoal or briquettes. This BBQ looks elegant and refine with its stainless steel finish and curved feet detail. The fire pit bowl is made from stainless steel and is big enough for a fire to feed eight hungry people, and can be used as a fire pit after you ve finished cooking. The tripod supports the chrome plated cooking grill and has safety features in place to prevent it from swinging about. The edge of the cooking grill features a safety edge which will stop your food from rolling off. The XL Premium Tripod Landman is designed to be easy to assemble and even easier to use. The chain allows you to adjust the distance of the grill to the fire, effectively allowing you to control the temperature of the BBQ so you can produce perfect food every time. If you ever despair of burnt food on your BBQ, you ll never have to worry again with this fantastic BBQ. The BBQ can be disassembled for easy cleaning and storage. You can choose to leave the fire bowl out as a fire pit feature, you ll certainly never feel cold again with this giving off a gorgeous heat.

10 x 8

10 x 8 £599.95
BillyOh Retford 10′ Fronted Premium Woodgrain Apex Plastic Shed

Black Taurus 440

Black Taurus 440 £109.90
Gathering your family around for a barbeque is a great activity for the summer, and you ll want to use a barbeque that s good quality. Cheaper barbeques can often have disastrous effects on your cooking, not being able control the temperate means your food ends up ruined. The Black Taurus Landman is a compact barbeque that packs a punch. It s the ideal size for a family barbeque or 6 people, you ll be surprised what this barbeque can handle It has many useful features you ll soon find yourself not able to live without on a barbeque. The barbeque design is compact with a black dome hood and black fire bowl, the cooking area is roughly 40cm x 18cm over a cook grill and charcoal grid. To make the most of space and help you to control temperature of the food there is two part grill, the upper one sitting higher up when the lid is open. This barbeque also features a fold away side self which allows you to store your cooking implements or food items, or even your favourite drink You ll never need to worry about it getting too hot under the hood as there is a thermometer installed on the lid. If you want to leave your food to cook for a long time, you can leave the hood down to get juicy, succulent food with no effort. The material of the barbeque is designed to be lightweight and portable, the two wheels make making this model easy and convenient. There is also adjustable ventilation control so you can control the temperature with airflow, whether you prefer to cook low and slow or really turn up the heat. After cooking there will always be some ash to clear up and this can be a messy, but this model comes with a removable ash catcher that makes it a simply task to remove ash. The lid also features heat protective handles.