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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - August 6th, 2014.
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New items today at Blooming Direct

Trailing Ivy Collection - 12 plugs

Trailing Ivy Collection – 12 plugs £14.99
Finding year round foliage colour for mixed planters and baskets,e specially for Autumn and Winter colour is a significnat challenge – but varigated Ivies are the perfect foil to many plants. Their thuggish green relatives may take over, but these are far better behaved, and make the perfect addition to hanging baskets, planters and tubs, gently cascading down over the sides. You will get 6 plugs (each with 2 plants in) of ‘Ester’, a silver white edged variegated form, and 6 of ‘Golden Child’, with golden yellow edging, each offering a subtle contrast to pale and stronger colours, Summe or Winter, rain or shine. Slow growing, trim to shape, they can become the permanent features in tubs year after year, as you change the seasonal colour with them.

Helianthus 'Double Whammy' - pack x 6

Helianthus ‘Double Whammy’ – pack x 6 £9.99
Add some rays of golden sunshine to your Summer garden with this delighful new hardy perennial Sunflower. Nowhere near as tall as the oens we grew as children, this selection forms neat multi-stemmed clumps, each with gorgeous double yellow flowers, with a deep golden central pincushion disc. A real magnet for bees and butterflies too. The perfect addition to bold and bright summer borders, lasting into Autumn, it’s a well-behaved and very easy plant to grow and enjoy for many years.

Hosta 'Wide Brim' pack x 3

Hosta ‘Wide Brim’ pack x 3 £7.99
Universally regarded as one of thre best and easiest Hostas to grow, ‘Wide Brim’ has simple green and cream variegated heart-shaped leaves, topped with subtle pale lavender blue flowers in Summer. Great in mixed borders as a foliage foil for bright flower colours, or fabulous in cool real terracotta pots, with plenty of organic matter in, they fit modern and traditional garden styles alike. You will need to use Monthly applications of slug pellets or copper tape bands round pots, as they are the most popular slug and snail feed if not controlled!! Well worth the effort though as you will be rewarded for years with lovely neat displays.

Lonicera 'Darts World' pack x 3

Lonicera ‘Darts World’ pack x 3 £7.99
This little grown Honeysuckle deserves much greater exposure and recognition, as it simply is one of the best around. It’s amazing or deeply fragrant flowers open from deep purple pink buds to pink petals, fading to peach pink – giving a most eye-catching overall display when smothered in multi-coloured tier after tier of flowers. Evergreen too in all but the harshest of Winters it is very hardy, tough and almost indestructible once established. Great for growing up trellisses and pergolas, fences and arbours, it also does a pretty good job as groundcover if left unsupported, attracting bees and butterflies into your garden over it’s long flowering season.

Clematis montana Grandiflora - pack x 3 plugs

Clematis montana Grandiflora – pack x 3 plugs £6.99
A fabulous choice for early seaosn colour and covering fr screening, montana Grandiflora is the perfect choice. In April and May it is smothered in thousands of purest white flowers with yellow anther centres, up to 7cm (3′) across. Growth of stems occurs after flowering Spring andSummer, so it requires some training or tying in to supports in that period. Perfect for covering unsightly sheds, fences or eyesores, or for training up arches, pergolas or tree stumps.

Papaver 'Coral Reef' - pack x 6

Papaver ‘Coral Reef’ – pack x 6 £6.99
A fabulous new seed-raised Hardy Oriental Poppy from a chance find, it’s sumptuous coral pink flowers are produced in succession in late Spring and early Summer, a real haven for bees. A relly good garfden performer, it will make good sized clumps in 2-3 years, and flower it’s socks off, making it a great addition to any perennial garden. Very low maintenance too.