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New products at GreenFingers

by John - August 13th, 2014.
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New items at GreenFingers

Autumn Bulbs - Tulips Curly Sue - 7 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulips Curly Sue – 7 Bulbs £2.99
Fragrant Curly Sue Tulips are a vibrant purple colour with beautiful fringing at their edges which changes subtly producing lovely shades from claret to burgundy. Charismatic flowers that will brighten up your garden patio or balcony. A great choice for any garden and they make great pot plants too. Type: Hardy perennialBulb size: 11-12Flowering period: Apr-May Height: Up to 45cm Ideal for: Pots containers beds bordersPreferred planting position: Full sun or light shadePreferred soil type: Well drained neutral to slightly acidic fertile most to sand to some clayQuantity: 7 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - Anemone Blanda Mixed-50 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Anemone Blanda Mixed-50 Bulbs £3.99
Excellent for borders and rockeries Anemone Blanda Mixed are hardy perennials that thrive in sunny or light shaded areas of your garden. They are a beautiful colourful choice for your garden as they naturalise and multiply quickly over the years. These bulbs come in a combination of deep pink white and blue with numerous yellow stamens to create an attractive carpet of colour wherever they are grown. RHS Award of Garden Merit Type: Hardy PerennialBulb size: 4-5Flowering period: Mar-Apr Height: Up to 15cm Ideal for: Borders and rockeriesPreferred planting position: Sunny spot Preferred soil type: Rich well drained soilQuantity: 50 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - Crocus Fuscotinctus - 20 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Crocus Fuscotinctus – 20 Bulbs £2.49
Gorgeous deep yellow Crocus Fuscotinctus announce Spring is on its way! These wonderfully fragrant small flowers with bronze stripes open up with the sun to brighten any garden and are ideal for patio tubs window boxes and containers. They look particularly magnificent when grown in drifts in borders or informal areas of grass. Just cast the bulbs across the area and plant them where they land for a really natural effect.Bee friendlyType: Hardy Perennial Ideal for: Borders naturalising window boxes patio tubs and containers Flowering period: February-March Height: 8cmPreferred planting position: Sun/light shade Preferred soil type: Well drained reasonably fertileQuantity: 20 bulbs

Antique Tea for Two Set with Vintage Finish

Antique Tea for Two Set with Vintage Finish £99.99
The understated elegance of this antique tea for two patio set will create an air of sophistication in any space it graces. The ornate design is enhanced by the distressed vintage finish which allows this decorative set to blend into the background and gives a truly established feel. Entertain and treat a guest to an al fresco lunch in the ultimate of style. Alternatively indulge yourself and create an intimate area in your garden- a private sanctuary where you can escape relax sit and enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors. Dimensions:Table: 60cm diameter x H73cm Chair: W38 x D46 x H91cmSeat area: W37.5 x D34cmPlease remember to store and cover your furniture correctly during high winds and severe weather to prevent damage. Our range of garden furniture covers will help to protect and extend the life of your outdoor furniture

Autumn Bulbs - Tulips 'Raspberry Ripple Classic Combination'-15 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulips ‘Raspberry Ripple Classic Combination’-15 Bulbs £4.99
Raspberry Ripple Classic Combination is a wonderful mix of Tulip Shirley and Tulip Negrita. Best grown in full sun or partial shade these bold coloured tulips are perfect for your spring border

Autumn Bulbs - Single Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis)-12 Bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Single Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis)-12 Bulbs £2.99
These single snowdrops will give your garden some charm after winter.They like a moisture retentive soil preferably in partial shade. Ideal for use in lawns rockeries borders and containers. Flowers in February/ March to a height of 10cm.

Neudorff Organic Compost Accelerator

Neudorff Organic Compost Accelerator £3.99
Neudorff Organic Compost Accelerator effectively boosts all types of composting processes and yields large amounts because it contains a wide variety of micro-organisms compost bacteria and fungal cultures. It is a powdered supplement made from animal by-products fermented vegetation residues organic materials and living microorganisms. Added organic nutrients serve as an easily digestible breeding ground for micro-organisms so that they are able to multiply more easily and can quickly decompose organic waste. Simply add Organic Compost Accelerator to the material every time you fill your composter.It allows quick and effective rotting of garden and kitchen waste as well as leaf and grass cuttings and is especially suited for composting in a thermo-composter because in the first hot phase many weed seeds and undesired germs will be destroyed. Safe natural effectiveSafe to humans and petsQuantity: 2kg – enough for approx. 4 m

Autumn Bulbs - Tulips Apricot Foxx - 7 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs – Tulips Apricot Foxx – 7 bulbs £2.99
Perfect for your flower beds and borders these Tulips Apricot Foxx produce fabulous flowers in a pale apricot to buttery caramel colour with a rosy flush. They will also look wonderful in pots or containers and their delicate colouration makes them fantastic cut flowers to add to flower arrangements. Flowering period: Apr-MayHeight: 45cm Quantity: 7 bulbs

Autumn Bulbs - Daffodils  Ice Follies

Autumn Bulbs – Daffodils Ice Follies £12.99
Ice Follies Daffodils are large-cupped daffodils with the central trumpet replaced by a soft yellow flattened or wavy cup set against a clear white perianth of outer petals. They will add brightness and colour to your garden patio or balcony. A great choice for any garden and ideal for naturalising under trees front borders or large containers. RHS Award of Garden Merit Type: Hardy perennialFlowering period: Mar-Apr Height: Up to 40cm Ideal for: Borders containers grasslandPreferred planting position:Full sun or light shadePreferred soil type: Well drained fertileQuantity: 7kg of bulbs in a net

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