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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - August 14th, 2014.
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Reduced price on lines today at GreenFingers

FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer

FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer was £2.79 now £2.29
This FSC Wooden Lemon Reamer can be used in conjunction with all citrus fruit. Useful for squeezing oranges lemons and limes perfect for juices and cooking this is a splendid accessory just the thing for any juice enthusiast. Made out of FSC beech timber. Measures approximately 15cm.

Westland Gro-Sure Super Enriched All Purpose Plant Food 1 Litre

Westland Gro-Sure Super Enriched All Purpose Plant Food 1 Litre was £3.99 now £2.99
This All Purpose Plant Food from Gro-Sure is just the tonic for strong and healthy plants. Mix this food in your watering can and use as a general purpose plant food on all your plants including fruits to see quick results. Packed with nutrients and seaweed enriched this food will ensure all your plants get the right care for healthy leaf flower and root growth. 1LtrSeaweed enriched Makes 50 watering cans of foodNPK: 5-3-8 + micro nutrients Always read the label

Wooden Vegetable Brush

Wooden Vegetable Brush was £5.99 now £3.99
This Wooden Vegetable Brush is strong and sturdy and ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Featuring both hard and soft bristles as well as a hard grip handle it

Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Treat Tray

Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Treat Tray was £4.99 now £3.99
Big can be brilliant but small is always beautiful. This Jacobi Jayne I Love Robins Treat Tray is a smart little bird feeding dish that clings to your window offering a great way to see wild birds close up. Moulded in sturdy polycarbonate it will not crack or discolour and is easy to wash. Gripping any clean glass surface with powerful suction cups that do not leave a mark it is perfect for viewing your feathered friends feeding and at this great price why not stick a couple to different windows?Jacobi Jayne

Resolva 24H Ready To Use

Resolva 24H Ready To Use was £4.49 now £3.99
Resolva 24H Ready To Use is a revolutionary weed control that combines the speed of a contact killer with the deep down root killing activity of a systemic weedkiller

Westland Multi Purpose Lawn Seed - 15m2

Westland Multi Purpose Lawn Seed – 15m2 was £6.99 now £4.99
This Multi Purpose Lawn Seed will create a lush green and durable lawn. A hardwearing lawn seed this is ideal for establishing new lawns and over-seeding existing lawns. The coated seeds offer improved germination and quicker seedling establishment; this lawn seed will soon get your lawn looking back to its best! Coverage: 15 metres squared Always read the label and use pesticides safely

Westland Natures Haven Easy Wildflower Mix 1.5kg

Westland Natures Haven Easy Wildflower Mix 1.5kg was £7.99 now £5.99
This Natures Haven Easy Wildflowers Mix is an ideal mix of easy to grow wildflowers which have been selected to attract bees butterflies and other beneficial insects into your garden! This fabulous easy to use 2-in-1 mix has a blend of free-flowering countryside seeds and granular compost which you simply scatter on the desired beds lightly rake in water and in no time at all you will have a natural flower display that will attract all the beneficial insects to your garden. With bee and butterfly species declining it will really help these wonderful insects if part of your garden could become a sanctuary for them. Coming in an easy to use pouch which can be re-sealed means that you do not have to do all your planting in one day. If you plant up one bed you can close the pouch and come back to it later on safe in the knowledge that the seeds have been kept protected from pests and moisture.Sow when risk of frost has passed Contents: 1.5kg. Corn Poppy Corn Marigold Cornflower and Ox-Eye Daisy.RHS Perfect for Pollinators Certified.Easy to useCoverage: 6m². Enough for 3 flower beds.We are facing a fundamental problem with the decline of bees and other pollinators. They have an absolutely crucial role in pollinating many of our important crops – without them we will face higher food costs and potential shortages.Professor Douglas Kell – BBSRC Chief Executive

Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun  - 10 Pattern

Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun – 10 Pattern was £6.99 now £5.99
With 10 spray patterns this Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun is a must-have for your garden! Not only can you gently water seedlings using the fine mist but also rinse soap off your car with the powerful jet. There is even an angle option for those hard to reach plants. Manufactured from a strong metal construction the Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun comes with an adjustable nozzle and an ergonomic soft touch grip. Your individual needs will certainly be met with this great spray gun that has so many patterns to choose from and it comes at a great value price too.Spray Patterns: Jet Mist ShowerFan ConeRinseAngleCentreFlatSoaker Dimensions: W11.5 x D6.5 x H20.5cm

FSC Wooden Boot Jack

FSC Wooden Boot Jack was £7.99 now £6.49
This FSC Wooden Boot Jack is a great little accessory for removing your muddy boots before entering your home. Made from biodegradable FSC Oak the sturdy device hooks into the heel of your boot and holds it tight so you can enter your home and leave outdoors behind. A definite must-have accessory that can save your carpets/ floors from getting dirty. Just leave the Boot Jack by the door and invite your guests to use it also. Heel opening measures approximately 6.4 diameter x 7.6cm.

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