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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - August 16th, 2014.
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Plant Me Now just added these new products

Yeoman Border Shears

Yeoman Border Shears £19.9500
Border shears then tool to pick when it comes to clipping around the edge of lawns. Avoid bending with the long handles and the soft grip ends make them comfortable to hold. With their new comfort grip, and proven cutting ability, these tools are a must for every gardener. All cutting jobs are covered in this range from tree lopping to hedge trimming and at a price to suit all pockets.

Yeoman Stainless Steel Edging Iron

Yeoman Stainless Steel Edging Iron £19.9500
The stainless steel edging iron, also known as a half moon edger is used for edging lawns. The polished stainless steel head prevents soil sticking to the tool. Lightweight and durable. With all the features of the carbon steel range but with the added benefit of a polished stainless steel head to prevent soil sticking to the tool. This range also has the advantage of aluminium shafts making the tools lightweight yet strong.

Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets (3.5 litre)

Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets (3.5 litre) £5.9500
Keep slugs away from your valuable plants with Vitax’s new Slug Gone Wool Pellets. This exciting new product is soil association approved and suitable for organic use and great to use where children and pets have access. Its highly effective barrier, made from British wool works against slugs and snails containing naturally occurring slow release nutrients and the mulching material helps retain soil moisture. The swollen wool pellets form a felt-like mat that absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot, thereby making it difficult for the slug to travel across. This wool pellet mat also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug’s foot, physically deterring the slug and creating a 100% natural barrier. For best results, apply Slug Gone in a 10cm (4 inch) wide band around the base of the plant. The wool pellet mat is excellent at keeping the surface of the pot dry but retaining the moisture beneath. This means that weeds have difficulty germinating on the surface and frequency of watering is cut down due to reduced evaporation. Slug Gone is a natural biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth.

Vitax Compost Maker 2.5kg

Vitax Compost Maker 2.5kg £4.9500
The economical way to make your own rich, dark compost in weeks A compost accelerator, containing organic nutrients, to speed up the breakdown of organic garden and household material which might otherwise degrade very slowly. Use Vitax Compost Maker to re-cycle grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, vegetable matter, egg shells, shredded woody material etc to produce a rich dark compost. Apply: As required How to Use: For compost heaps, alternate layers of compost material with Vitax Compost Maker. Keep the top of the heap warm and moist by covering the top with a polythene sheet. For compost bins and plastic sacks mix the Vitax Compost Maker with the material whilst filling the bins/sacks.

Lead Headed Nails (8 pack)

Lead Headed Nails (8 pack) £2.9500
Lead headed nails are traditional stem supports which hammer directly into mortar. Soft adjustable strap Strong hammer in design

Hammer in Vine Eyes (4 pack)

Hammer in Vine Eyes (4 pack) £2.9500
Hammer in vine eyes secure wire supports to walls. Hammers directly into mortar. Strong hammer-in design 3 positional holes

Fleece and Fabric Staples (20 pack)

Fleece and Fabric Staples (20 pack) £2.9500
The hammer in metal fleece and fabric staples are ideal for securing materials to the ground. Easily pierces fabrics Firm grip