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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - August 28th, 2014.
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Lots of new products added today at Suttons Seeds

Window Box Plant Collection

Window Box Plant Collection £14.99
We’ve chosen of 6 of our favourite varieties of vegetables and herbs that thrive in window boxes so that you can create your won mini kitchen garden: Tomato Sweet ‘n’ Neat (red cherry tomatoes), Pepper Mohawk (sweet yellow peppers), plus herbs Basil Aristotle, Oregano, Parsley and Chives. Supplied in 9cm pots. Also ideal for a small veg patch, approx 0.6msquared.

Windowsill Seed Kit - Microgreens

Windowsill Seed Kit – Microgreens £9.95
This nifty kit is the simple way to grow microgreens. It comprises a JiffyR windowsill propagator (53.5cm [21] x 11cm [41/4]), a transparent dome to let in light and keep out draughts and with 3 x 9cm compost blocks which, when soaked in water, expand to fill the propagator, plus individual packets of seed. Microgreens – 6 tasty varieties (cress, mustard, broccoli, alfalfa, basil and rocket) which can be grown year-round and are ready to harvest in just 1 week!

Speedy Veg Seed - Indoor Sprouting Seed/Microgreens Collection

Speedy Veg Seed – Indoor Sprouting Seed/Microgreens Collection £9.49
When you don’t want to wait a minute longer than necessary to enjoy the taste of fresh, healthy vegetables, then Speedy veg seeds are the answer. Delicious, succulent vegetables can be yours in as little as a few days. Collection contains 6 packets (1 of each variety): Alfalfa – Sweet shoots with a pea-like taste. 9500 seeds; Basil Dark Opal – A scrumptious, vitamin-packed purple-leaved basil for growing as microgreens. 2000 seeds; Broccoli Green-Sprouting – Enjoy that unique broccoli taste and high vitamin content in a microgreen! 2500 seeds; Cress Curled – Nutritious and tasty served with mustard salad. 10,000 seeds; Mustard – An easy to grow salad with a peppery taste. 4200 seeds; Rocket Victoria – A classic salad rocket for use as microgreens. Delicious in salads and sandwiches. 2000 seeds.

Leucanthemum Plant - Freak

Leucanthemum Plant – Freak £8.99
I’m not sure in Britain this name is altogether complimentary, and I had some misgivings about trialing it! However it has performed very well at Bressingham to date and is a striking perennial which dazzles the eye whilst in full flower, golden centres circled by brilliant white ruffled petals. Its compact habit makes it a great edging plant and deadheading means flowers will keep it blooming longer. Sun where not too dry and good winter drainage. Flowers mid June-September. Height 30-40cm (12-16). Supplied in a 9cm pot.

Herb Seed - Collection

Herb Seed – Collection £4.99
Collection contains the following varieties: Dill – For fish and salad dishes; Sage – For duck, veal or pork dishes; Sweet Basil – For tomato and cheese dishes; Marjoram, Sweet – For soups, meat and fish dishes; Thyme – For fish, poultry dishes, soups and stews.

Onion Seeds - Santero

Onion Seeds – Santero £3.99
Superb flavour. Good storage potential. Resistant to Downy Mildew disease.

Bean (Broad) Seeds - Robin Hood

Bean (Broad) Seeds – Robin Hood £3.99
Never tried broad beans on the patio before? Dwarf variety Robin Hood will provide you with a good crop of nutritious beans that taste far superior to any you’ll find at the supermarket!

Cauliflower Seeds - Di Sicilia Violetto

Cauliflower Seeds – Di Sicilia Violetto £3.99
Enjoy a fresh, home-grown purple cauliflower with a fine sweet flavour. It’s insect resistant and performs well on a range of soil types. So beautiful and so tasty, with a sweet nutty flavour! Great for enticing the kids to eat their veg! Harvest October-December.

Cauliflower Seeds - F1 Multi-Colour Mix

Cauliflower Seeds – F1 Multi-Colour Mix £3.99
A fresh, home-grown crown of cauliflower is a thing of beauty – crisp, nutritious, and intensely flavourful. Chock-full of nutrients, and amusing on the plate, our blend of white, green, orange and purple belongs in every foodies garden and is an exciting way to get kids to eat one of their five a day! Crops successionally throughout autumn. Performs well on a range of soil types. Harvest October-December.


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