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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 2nd, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new products

Streptocarpus and Spaulia Plants Collection

Streptocarpus and Spaulia Plants Collection £15.00
With this introductory offer we are giving you the chance to grow some of these award winning plants in your home. They will not disappoint and will provide colour from May until winter. Easy to grow and all plants are sent with full cultural instructions. Buy now as this offer only lasts until Sunday 7th September. Collection consists of the following -Streptocarpus Harlequin Blue, Adele and BellaAfrican Violet Delft and Powder Keg

Agastache Seeds - Astello Indigo

Agastache Seeds – Astello Indigo £4.99
This half-hardy perennial variety is a Fleuroselect gold medal winner. The long-lasting flowers are ideal for cottage gardens and perfect for pollinators. Height 60cm (24). HP/HHP – Hardy perennial/Half hardy perennial.

Shallot French Bulbs - Pesandor

Shallot French Bulbs – Pesandor £4.99
A superb shallot, producing elongated bulbs with copper-coloured skins and flavoursome pink flesh. Each bulb yields 6-8 bulbs at harvest. Plant from mid January onwards.Grown in Brittany, in the heart of Frances main shallot growing region, these superb certified varieties are of superior quality and will produce an outstanding crop for you.

Garlic Bulbs - Flavor

Garlic Bulbs – Flavor £4.99
An Italian pink type, produced in France, that matures in late July. The white-skinned bulbs each contain 9-16 pretty pink cloves that store for a long time once opened. (French grown – hardneck)

Angelica Seeds - Taiwaniana

Angelica Seeds – Taiwaniana £3.49
Clump-forming plants producing football-sized flower heads with red stems. The perfumed seeds are an added bonus. Imposing plants that will create a real focal point at the back of a border. Height 1.2m (4′). HB – Hardy biennial.

Asarina Seeds - Formula Mix

Asarina Seeds – Formula Mix £3.49
Will quickly clothe a wall or fence with colour. Lovely trailing from hanging baskets too. Height 3.5m (11′). HHA – Half hardy annual.

Tomato Seeds - Artisan Bumble Bee Mix

Tomato Seeds – Artisan Bumble Bee Mix £2.99
These multi-coloured cherry tomatoes are purple striped with green, pink with yellow colouration and golden-yellow with orange stripes. Ideal for growing indoors or outside. Extremely heavy crops of delicious, small round fruits that will hold on the vine for an extended period of time with no cracking. Great for fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar salads.

Tomato Seeds - Cherry Falls

Tomato Seeds – Cherry Falls £2.99
Ideal for patio containers or hanging baskets, this versatile and very productive plant produces a prolific crop of mouth-watering bright red fruits! The sweet yet tangy fruits weigh approximately 15g and a single plant can produce 7-80 fruits by the end of August if seeds are sown in mid April. Bush variety.

Anemone Seeds - Mona Lisa Mix

Anemone Seeds – Mona Lisa Mix £2.99
Performs well in cool climates, indoors or outdoors. Requires no staking. Up to 18 stems per plant per year on average! Poppy-like flowers that are native to the Mediterranean. Height 45cm (18). HP – Hardy perennial.