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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2014.
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Loads of new lines today at Suttons Seeds

Begonia Seeds - F1 Nonstop Mix

Begonia Seeds – F1 Nonstop Mix £5.99
An outstanding item. Perfectly formed fully double flowers in a lovely colour range. Height 30cm (12). HHA/HHP – Half hardy annual/Half hardy perennial. Supaseed variety.(SUPASEEDS – Coated seed form for easier handling and sowing.)

Begonia Seeds - Parisienne Trailing Mix

Begonia Seeds – Parisienne Trailing Mix £4.99
Cascades of large blooms in a range of shades. Height 24cm (10). HHA/HHP – Half hardy annual/Half hardy perennial.

Meconopsis Seeds - Lingholm

Meconopsis Seeds – Lingholm £4.99
Breathtaking poppy-like flowers will light up your garden year after year. A dramatic, clump-forming, much admired plant. Height 60cm (24). HP – Hardy perennial.

Impatiens Seeds - Athena

Impatiens Seeds – Athena £4.99
Bred for British conditions, in an attractive range of colours, blooming over a long period. Height 25-30cm (10-12).

Dautura Seeds - Ballerina Mix

Dautura Seeds – Ballerina Mix £4.99
Upward-facing, semi-double, highly scented flowers followed by ornamental fruits. Elegant and exotic-looking plants with large, trumpet-shaped flowers. Ideal for conservatory or patio. Can be planted outside in warm, sheltered areas, but is not frost hardy. Height 40-60cm (6-24). GA – Greenhouse annual. (Please note: Seeds/plants toxic if eaten.)

Nemesia Seeds - Poetry

Nemesia Seeds – Poetry £4.99
A bright, long-flowering, 3 colour mix, ideal for baskets and containers. Quick-blooming, brightly coloured annual. Height 30-35cm (12-14). HHA – Half hardy annual.

Lisianthus Seeds - ABC Double Miix

Lisianthus Seeds – ABC Double Miix £4.99
Add a touch of luxury to cut flower bouquets with these unusual colour combinations. Superb cut flowers. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoors. Height 90cm (36). GA – Greenhouse annual.

Echinacea Seeds - Paradiso Mix

Echinacea Seeds – Paradiso Mix £3.99
Delicately scented blooms in a captivating mix of colours, all with prominent central cones. Loved by butterflies and birds. Easy to grow plants that bloom over a long period. Height 60-80cm (24-32) in first year and up to 120cm (48) in subsequent years. HP – Hardy perennial.

Poppy Seeds - Paeony Mix

Poppy Seeds – Paeony Mix £3.99
A mix of Paeony-like annual poppies that are beautiful in borders and ideal for cutting. Very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects. Try poppy seeds sprinkled on bread, cakes and biscuits. Height 90cm (3′). HA/HP – Hardy annual/Hardy perennial.