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by Sarah - September 3rd, 2014.
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Reduced price on lines today at Gardens and Homes Direct

Orthopaedic Beige Pet Bed for Dogs/Cats - Small

Orthopaedic Beige Pet Bed for Dogs/Cats – Small was £9.99 now £5.99
Orthopaedic pet beds provide comfort and support for your dog or cat, whilst they are sleeping. Many pets, particularly elderly dogs and cats, may suffer from some joint and bone discomfort. With this fantastic orthopaedic pet bed, you can finally help relieve some of that pain from your dog’s or cat’s life. These particular pet beds have an ‘egg crate’ structured foam cushion, surrounded by a removeable cover that can be machine washed, as well as a sewn-in sherpa pillow. Dimensions50cm L x 30cm W x 6cm H

Scratch Pod

Scratch Pod was £8.99 now £5.99
The sleek yet durable ScratchPod is more than just a dressed-up scratcher box. This clever, refillable scratcher-case houses a honeycomb-textured scratching pad that cats really love to dig their claws into. The combination of the scratching pad’s unique texture, together with our pure and potent SmartyKat Organic Catnip makes this an irresistibly effective scratching solution. Place the ScratchPod on the floor for horizontal scratching, and for an after-scratch hangout. Hang it from any doorknob for a vertical angle few cats can resist. Or, for a fun angled scratcher, anchor it to a wall with the enclosed screws.

WildSpin electronic toy

WildSpin electronic toy was £12.49 now £7.99
This toy features a rotating base with feather attachment which swoops and swing erratically. Your cat will love it. This toy encourages healthy activity for your cats in a fun way.

107cm Cinnamon Mattress Pet Bed for Cats/Dogs

107cm Cinnamon Mattress Pet Bed for Cats/Dogs was £17.99 now £9.99
Both versatile and long lasting, for cats and dogs, the mattress pet bed is stain resistant and completely machine washable. The beds come in a variety of sizes. Made from ultra soft faux fur, the beds have a cushioned cotton base with comfortable polyester filled bolsters, keeping your pet comfortable whatever the weather. Ideal for use in wire crates, carriers and dog houses. 107cm L x 66cm W

53cm Oval Doughnut Pet Bed Beige

53cm Oval Doughnut Pet Bed Beige was £16.99 now £9.99
This dog bed is perfect for smaller breeds of dog and cats alike. The soft material is very appealable to animals and the doughnut shape creates a ideal place for your pet to curl up and sleep in comfort. There is a high level of polyester stuffing in these beds which gives the ultimate comfort and support.Available in two luxurious fabrics: super soft beige swirl and a grey chenille.Fully machine washable.Available in 53cm and 73cm Diameter.

Timberwolf Extreme Domino Dog Bed - Small

Timberwolf Extreme Domino Dog Bed – Small was £15.99 now £9.99
With this Timberwolf Extreme Domino dog bed, your dog is sure to sleep in comfort. Brown in colour with beige internal walls. Dimensions: 57cm L x 49cm W x 18cm H

Comfy Corners Pet Bed for Cats/Dogs

Comfy Corners Pet Bed for Cats/Dogs was £19.99 now £11.99
This fantastic blue and black striped cat/dog bed has extra comfortable corners for your pet to curl up in and a soft removable cushion. Its unique design will ensure a very pleasurable sleeping experience for your furry friend and it will easily fit into any corner of your home.23 L x 20 W x 8 H Inches.

Timberwolf Extreme 60cm Oval Luxury Pet Bed

Timberwolf Extreme 60cm Oval Luxury Pet Bed was £24.99 now £15.99
Made from premium quality faux suede, our Timberwolf Extreme 60cm Oval Pet Bed has a warm and inviting, soft texture, has a reversible contrasting cushion insert and is machine washable.Features:•    Soft and warm, durable pet bed in faux suede material.•    Water and stain repellant.•    Machine washable.•    Available in a range of shapes and sizes.Dimensions:60cm/2ft wide

Fantasy Hamster Kit

Fantasy Hamster Kit was £24.99 now £16.99
Modern Design Pastel Coloured Hamster or Gerbil Cage With Plastic Top Containing Additional Living Space.   Dimensions 56 x 36 x 23cm