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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 4th, 2014.
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New products today at Suttons Seeds

Ornamental Orchard Collection

Ornamental Orchard Collection £39.48
Not only will these trees provide a bounty of fruit but they will also bring some ornamental decoration into the garden. Crab Apple John Downie – Not only is this upright apple variety highly ornamental in the garden giving masses of soft pink blossom in spring but it’s an excellent pollinator for other apples. The yellow/orange fruits of John Downie are large for a crab and make the finest, clear crab apple jelly. Delicious eaten with meats and cheeses or just spread on buttery toast! Pollination group 3. Quince Vranja – The large, sweet, pear-shaped fruits of Vranja ripen in mid-autumn and make excellent jellies and preserves. Alternatively, you’ll find a few slices in an apple pie will improve it immeasurably! The plants themselves are highly decorative trained into a fan against a wall, the blossom is very attractive, and they make ideal pollinators for pears. Self-fertile. Grown on Quince A rootstock. Pollination group 4. Nut Sweet Almond – Beautiful spring flowers Introduced in the 18th century this variety is valuable as much for the beauty of its early spring flowers as for its fruit which needs a hot summer to develop properly. Self-fertileCherry Summer Sun – Pretty blossom in early spring will develop in late July, into succulent plump cherries. The cherries are delicious picked fresh from the tree or can be harvested and prepared for that special dessert. Pollination group 5.Given that cherries are such a well loved fruit, it’s surprising that they are not more widely grown in our gardens. Grown on Colt rootstock, giving a very productive tree with good fruit size, but compact growth so it can be grown in a small space, either free-standing or trained against a wall or fence.

Petunia Seeds - Trailing Emperor Mix

Petunia Seeds – Trailing Emperor Mix £4.99
Excellent weather tolerance and a wide range of colours. Height 35-38cm (10-15). HHA – Half hardy annual.

Pansy Seeds - Spring Madness

Pansy Seeds – Spring Madness £4.99
A bright, large-flowered mixture, blooming from November to May. Height 20cm (8). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Sizzle

Pansy Seeds – Frizzle Sizzle £4.99
Bold, bright colours. Great in containers. Thrives in cool conditions, flowering from November to May. Height 20cm (8). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

Pansy Seeds - Raspberry Ripple

Pansy Seeds – Raspberry Ripple £4.99
A stunning designer mix which flowers from November to May. Height 20cm (8). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

Wallflower Seeds - Canary

Wallflower Seeds – Canary £4.49
Beautiful fragrant yellow blooms in early spring (February-April). The most popular spring bedding item – very fragrant. Height 15-20cm (6-9).

Geranium Seeds - Hardy Mix

Geranium Seeds – Hardy Mix £3.99
A great mix of unusual and rare varieties, in a lovely range of colours. Colourful blooms year after year. Popular single flowers loved for their elegant simplicity. Height 30-90cm (12-36). HP – Hardy perennial.

Pansy Seeds - Citrus Blend

Pansy Seeds – Citrus Blend £3.99
A free-flowering winter pansy producing very large, bright flowers from November to May. Height 20cm (8). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

Petunia Seeds - Fimbriata Jaromer

Petunia Seeds – Fimbriata Jaromer £3.49
Very free-flowering plants producing single and double blooms that are white with pink and violet stripes. Height 35cm (14). HHA – Half hardy annual.