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New products at Blooming Direct

by John - September 5th, 2014.
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New items added today at Blooming Direct

Cyclamen hederifolium - pack of 6 x 9cm

Cyclamen hederifolium – pack of 6 x 9cm £29.99
Not to ever be confused with pot plant Cyclamen produced in their masses for Christmas, these superb wild Cyclamen are a stunning garden plant for slowly naturalising in shady spots under trees and hedges, providing subtle Autumn colour and long term foliage interest. Their flowers are produced in profusion in Autumn – once establsihed the flowers appear straight form the ground before any leaves form. As they die back in Winter, the striking silver marked deep green leaves, with whorls of splashes and random leaf markings appear, and last until the heat of the following Spring. They will slowly spread out into small clumps, and naturalise to form a delicate carpet, of totally hardy, no maintenance, almost bulltet proof plants. What could be easier? Perfect for that awkward shady space, whatever size of garden you have. You will get 3 pink flowered and 3 white flowered plants already one year old – not small bulbs you need to wait for.

Musella lasiocarpa 12cm

Musella lasiocarpa 12cm £14.99
Without doubt, the toughest and hardiest of all ornamental bananas in the UK, it is grown for it’s dramatic and tough leaves, and once mature, it’s amazing and long lasting golden yellow flowers – hence it’s name. From high up in the Chinese Mountains of Yunnan, it is naturally very tough, and exposed to temperaturees well below freezing. It forms a much thicker, tougher and studier trunk-stem than other banans, which is very tough and hardy. Even if leaves are damaged by frosts, more and new leaves emerge in Spring, aswell as numerous ‘pups’ round the side. The flower is in fact it’s last hurrah, a 6 Month epic flower display, but a sign the plant will die – but fear not – you will have plenty of established pups round the side in a clump, EACH of which will grow and develop to maturity too. It is thus best regarded as a clump forming perennial. It is also much shorter and less vigorous than other huge banana plants too at around 4-5ft tall maximum, making it ideal for large pots in small gardens – grow in full sun or shade, it makes a great talking poont. Note – it does not produce any edible banana fruit, not even tiny ornamenatl ones. Very easy to grow, and a great exotic looking patio focal point.

Phlox Flame series x 12 plugs

Phlox Flame series x 12 plugs £12.99
The superb new ‘Flame’ series of Summer flowered hardy Phlox is a real breakthrough – compact and long-flowering, yet with gorgeous fragrance too, and in a lovely sweet-shop confection of sweet pinks, mauves, and whites, and great mildew resistance too. What more do you need from a perennial? Forming neat clumps of flowers, they light up the high Summer garden when many plants are fading away. Fabulous in pots, or the front of perennial borders plant them where you can smell them! Butterflies love them too. Dead-head to prolong flowering, they will die back down underground completely each Winter, and emerge bigger and bolder next year.

Hardy Japanese Anemone collection - 6 jumbo plugs

Hardy Japanese Anemone collection – 6 jumbo plugs £12.99
These stunning plants will light up your garden with breathtaking late displays! Perfect for beds and borders, they will produce an abundance of large, pretty flowers just when others in your garden are starting to fade. Each will rise up from the attractive foliage and open up to show elegant, satin-like petals and a bright yellow contrasting centre. They will look brilliant in mixed or herbaceous borders, in any partly shaded area. Leave them in the ground over winter, under a good layer of mulch, and you will be rewarded with bigger, better displays for many years. Varieties included in this collection, two of which have been awarded the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit: Whirlwind – Graceful, pure-white flowers on long stems. Prinz Heinrich AGM – Incredibly vivid pink blooms Queen Charlotte AGM – Large light pink flowers.

Perennial Hardy Penstemon Collection - 12 plugs

Perennial Hardy Penstemon Collection – 12 plugs £12.99
Plant this desirable perennial in a sunny or slightly shaded spot and you can enjoy a succession of brightly coloured bell-shaped flowers that are carried on short, upright spikes throughout summer and into autumn. Superb grown in beds and borders alongside other perennials or among ornamental grasses, Penstemon likes well-drained soil and forms large clumps in time, rewarding you with even more flowers. Looking after them is easy; occasionally dead-head fading blooms to prolong the display and cover plants with a dry mulch of compost in late autumn to keep roots snug from frost. Varieties Included: Penstemon Heavenly Blue, Penstemon King George V, Penstemon Snowstorm and Penstemon Raven