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Price reductions at Crocus

by Sarah - September 6th, 2014.
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Crocus has cut the price of these lines

Delphinium 'Moon Light' (Highlander Series) (PBR) (delphinium)

Delphinium ‘Moon Light’ (Highlander Series) (PBR) (delphinium) was £4.99 now £3.99
Position: full sun Soil: fertile, well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: June and July Hardiness: fully hardy Rosette-like, fully double flowers, each with a green eye and sepals that are edged in pale lilac, form in a spiral around the upright spire in early to midsummer. Their delicate colouring will blend well with stronger purples. Garden care: Protect young foliage against slug and snail damage in spring. Stake with bamboo canes in mid-spring, before the flowers appear. During the growing season, apply a balanced liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks and wearing gloves cut back the faded flower-stems to a flowering side-shoot to encourage repeat flowering. At the end of autumn cut back and compost the faded flower stems.

Seed storage box

Seed storage box was £9.99 now £8.99
Very few seed storage boxes can accomodate the larger packets of seeds (like beans, for example). That’s why we designed these. Dimensions: Height – 18.5cm Width – 13.5cm Depth – 10cm Please note these come in a variety of colours. Each colour is sold seperately

Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise ('Renhy') (PBR) (hydrangea)

Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise (‘Renhy’) (PBR) (hydrangea) was £12.99 now £9.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moist, well-drained, moderately fertile, humus-rich soil Rate of growth: fast-growing Flowering period: June to August Flower colour: white and pink Hardiness: fully hardy A welcome addition from French breeders, this plant is already an award winner. Loose pyramid-shaped clusters of flowers form at the tips of red-stemmed branches in summer. They emerge creamy-white and turn shades of pink as they age, before finally taking on rich red and russet tones. Perfect for adding late summer colour to the shrub border, or for creating an informal, flowering hedge. Garden care:To enhance flowering prune hard in early spring, cutting back the previous season’s shoots to within a few buds of the permanent, woody framework of the plant.

Hydrangea macrophylla Schloss Wackerbarth ('Horwack') (PBR) (hydrangea)

Hydrangea macrophylla Schloss Wackerbarth (‘Horwack’) (PBR) (hydrangea) was £19.99 now £15.99
Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moist, well-drained, moderately fertile, humus-rich soil Rate of growth: fast-growing Flowering period: July to October Hardiness: fully hardy One of the most colourful of the new breed, this hortensia hydrangea produces impressive clusters of flowers, each of which consist of three colours. Like many hydrangeas, the flower colour will vary depending on the soil type, but primarily they are a hot pinkish red with a bluish purple eye (when grown in acidic soils) and splashes of lime green at the petal tips. If you want a showy and long-flowering shrub, then you won’t be disappointed. Garden care: Leave the old flower heads in place through the winter. As the new shoots start to emerge in spring cut back a third to a quarter of the previous seasons flowering stems to the base and cut back the remaining flower heads to the first pair of buds.

De Wit broadfork

De Wit broadfork was £69.99 now £64.99
The broadfork is a useful garden tool for loosening your soil without damaging. Simply push broadfork tines into the ground and with two hands pull back on the handle like a lever and the tines will rise through the soil making it less compacted. Measurements: Width: 4cm Length: 62cm The Dutch are rightly regarded as makers of the finest gardening tools. De Wit have been around longer than anyone. They started in 1898 and the 4th generation of De Wits are now in charge of the business; one is a trained wood turner, the other trained as a blacksmith. De Wit forge their tools from carbon steel in the traditional way. Carbon steel is naturally tougher than stainless steel and is not prone to metal fatigue. De Wit also burnish their steel. This not only helps to protect it for longer but gives it a patina that blackens it – just like traditional English tools from the Edwardian era. All De Wit tools have turned hardwood handles of oiled Ash. Ash is not only very strong but resists shock better than woods like oak or beech, which is why it was traditionally used for Axe handles.

Oban bench

Oban bench was £159.99 now £149.99
Our new wooden outdoor furniture range is produced from FSC Eucalyptus wood and has been treated with a water resistant weathered finish which also looks great in the garden. This bench can look great as a statement piece in any garden but it can also be combined with the rest of the Oban range to create a lovely seating area for the garden or patio as pictured. Please note the cushion is not included and is sold separately from the link below. Measurements: Height: 82.2cm Width: 54.4cm Length: 135cm