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New products at John Lewis

by John - September 10th, 2014.
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John Lewis just added these new items

Caspari Paper Plates, Pack of 8, Gold Moire

Caspari Paper Plates, Pack of 8, Gold Moire £4.25
Serve up a delightful feast on these paper plates with a gold moire rim

Eddingtons BananaGuard

Eddingtons BananaGuard £5.49
Make bruised and battered bananas a thing of the past with the ingenious BananaGuard, designed by Canadian Emergency Room doctor David Algunik. The distress caused by the mashed mess his bananas turned into on his way to work led him to think that there must be a better mode of banana transportation Made from lightweight plastic, it will fit just about any size or shape of banana. Just pop it in, snap the BananaGuard shut and toss it (as carelessly as you like) into your lunchbox, bag or backpack. Even on a crowded tube your banana won’t get squashed Ventilation holes on the sides of the BananaGuard keep the contents fresh and deter premature ripening until you’re ready for your fruit fix. The indispensable Bananaguard is also dishwasher safe and comes, appropriately enough, in bright banana yellow

Weber Tong & Turner

Weber Tong & Turner £31.99
 The essential barbecue accessories, the set includes tongs and spatula with a soft-touch rubber handle