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by Sarah - September 10th, 2014.
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MowDirect just added hundreds of new items

Billy Goat DL1801 VEEU Heavy-Duty Leaf & Debris Truck Loader

Billy Goat DL1801 VEEU Heavy-Duty Leaf & Debris Truck Loader £3129.00
Made for clean ups on a larger scale, with rugged construction and a host of user-friendly features, it’s no wonder Billy Goats debris munching trailer loaders are so popular with parks, gardens, visitor attractions, sports grounds and clean up contractors everywhere. This excellent, heavy-duty model, aimed at mid-scale cleanups features the classic Billy Goat shredding combination of a armour plated impellor with 4 serrated blades, 8 cutting points including a trademarked, very efficient Piranha blade, reducing leaves, twigs, pine cones or other debris to a twelfth of its original size. The impellor in this model is 40cm in diameter so very little in the way of debris will trouble this robust machine. The power behind this top-grade unit is a 544cc Vanguard engine with high performance and plenty of drive, creating a suction volume of more than 104 cubic metres per minute. The intake hose has a working diameter of 20 centimetres so you can take in more, larger items and the length is over 3 metres. It is tough and flexible, made of coiled urethane and is transparent, so you can keep an eye on the intake and watch out for any blockages. It is controlled by two, ergonomically placed handles with soft grips for comfortable, strain free operation. A safety kill switch is included which shuts down the whole system when pressed very fast, and the hose attaches with Quick connect, a fast and simple release hose clamp that includes a safety interlock.Billy Goat’s special CustomFit system means you can customise the loader to fit your truck and in addition can be loaded three set ways. These include tailgate mounting using the optional hanger kit, truck hitch mounted with the optional swing away hitch, or skid mounted (on a pallet or platform) on a trailer or truck. Construction is sturdy and durable across the board, with 12-gauge housing and a replaceable steel liner, also offering longer working life. This model comes with a reliable and fatigue reducing electric start.

Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower £2499.00
Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying it with the fully automatic Robomow RS630.The set-up process couldn’t be more straightforward – simply position the supplied base-station in a convenient position; peg-out the border wire around the zone to be mown; and then input your desired start times. The Robomow will then set-off at those times and mow your lawn under its own steam, before returning to the base-station for battery-charging.The Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower offers a remote control capability as standard – you’ll be able to communicate with and control it using your Smartphone or tablet whether you’re out shopping or out of the country.It combines impressively powerful 400w mowing-motors with an ultra-sharp premium-grade steel blade so as to optimise cutting-performance on heavy growth; and it utilises Robomow’s exclusive Edge Mode technology, whereby it can be set-up to closely track lawn edges for less post-mowing trimming work.Parts on the Robomow RS630 can be rapidly replaced with no professional help, thanks to its modular design. A floating deck delivers a supremely neat and consistent finish by ensuring every surface undulation is closely tracked; while automatic cut-out sensors work to maximise the safety of children and dogs by stopping the blade the second the unit is tilted or lifted. Offering an extra-wide 56cm working-width, the Robomow RS630 is a fast and efficient performer on the very large lawn (up to 3000m2).Its high-performance drive motors and powerful 26v lithium battery enable it operate successfully on gradients up to a substantial 36%; while its pin-code activation system acts as a deterrent to theft, rendering it useless to anyone without access to the pin number. The RS630 operates at a remarkably quiet 74dB (A), so you’ll still be able to enjoy your outside area when it’s working.It features an Eco Mode, which, when grass conditions suit, can be engaged in order to minimise energy consumption; and it’s multi-zone capable, so can be programmed to mow separate areas individually (four zones maximum).

Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder

Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder £2249.00
This seriously powerful chipper-shredder from Lawnflite Pro is the UK brand’s top-of-the-range GTS-Series machine, and as such is aimed at the semi-pro and high-end homeowner markets.Making it tick is a very high-performance 12hp (420cc) Loncin G420 overhead-valve power-pack that’s characterised by its impressive efficiency; low running temperature; and superior dependability.A semi-dry dual-element air-filter provides comprehensive component protection for reduced wear and tear; while a ‘low oil’ alert and shut-down system ensures the engine won’t be damaged if you’ve unwittingly let the oil level get too low.The Lawnflite Pro GTS1300G Petrol Chipper-Shredder employs dual drum-mounted blades that will have no trouble pulverising branches up to 85mm in diameter, reducing them to woodchips that will prove useful around the garden.It offers automatic feed-in, so you get the next branch ready rather than standing over the machine; and it features an automatic emergency cut-out system that delivers optimum operator safety. So as to facilitate hassle-free site-to-site movement, Lawnflite have equipped this model with a set of large diameter wheels and an ergonomic transport handle.

DR FBM Pro 26 12.5hp Recoil B&S Field & Brush Mower

DR FBM Pro 26 12.5hp Recoil B&S Field & Brush Mower £2199.00
Turn neglected fields of overgrown brush and scrub-grass into areas of viable paddock and pasture with this powerful and easy-handling FBM mower from U.S. vegetation-management specialists DR.Its cutting-capability is truly remarkable – its unforgiving Air-Tip blade will take down two-metre-high grass; two-and-a-half-metre weeds; and even saplings up to 6cm in diameter without fuss.The DR FBM Pro 26 Field & Brush Mower comes powered by a 12.5hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial/Commercial engine which benefits from an overhead valve-positioning that brings a substantial reduction in exhaust emissions; fuel-consumption; and sound-output.It’s fitted with a full-pressure oil-pump, so you’ll be able to operate successfully on inclines up to 20˚; and it features a 66cm pivoting mower-deck, which not only ensures a consistent cut on rolling ground, but also helps to keep the weight over the drive-wheels for increased traction.Thanks to its five-speed gearbox (4 + 1), the DR Pro-26 is highly manoeuvrable and will prove effective whatever terrain or cutting-conditions you’re faced with.A diff-lock means you can lock the wheels together with a simple flick of a lever to maximise grip on severe slopes and boggy ground; while a heavy-duty blade-brake will see the blade come to an almost instantaneous halt when engaged.

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo - 2 Hours Use)

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo – 2 Hours Use) £2199.00
This top-of-the-range lawn & garden tractor from Al-Ko has been built using the latest high-specification technology and is packed with the sort of practical and convenient features that are a must-have for the gardening enthusiast. It’s the most powerful Powerline tractor, with its commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton Intek engine developing a huge 17.5hp. The engine has been equipped with an anti-vibration system that works to reduce both noise-levels and component wear; and it utilises an overhead-valve type layout for smooth, low-maintenance performance and impressive fuel-efficiency. The Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor has a pair of contra-rotating blades that create a powerful flow of air underneath the mower deck, in turn ensuring the 300-litre grassbag is packed to the brim with clippings. Gas-assistance makes emptying the collector a breeze. Offering a very large 102cm cutting-width, the Powerline T18-102HD will cover huge amounts of ground with every pass. It incorporates a hydrostatic transmission; a high-end feature that allows the ground-speed to be controlled in infinite increments using a foot-pedal; and it combines a reinforced tie-rod with helical gearing to ensure the steering is smooth, light and precise. Not just a bagger, the Al-Ko T18-102HD is also capable of direct-discharging or mulching grass-cuttings, so you’ll have no problems dealing with varying grass-types and weather conditions (the mulch-plug is included, but the rear-deflector is optional). In order to spare the driver’s back when tackling time-consuming applications, Al-Ko have fitted this model with a fully adjustable and ergonomically-contoured seat. There’s also a six-step height-of-cut for enhanced flexibility-of-use; and an electric blade-clutch for smooth blade-engagement. You can choose from a range of optional accessories, including a service stand and a protective cover.

Mountfield 1640H Lawn & Garden Tractor

Mountfield 1640H Lawn & Garden Tractor £2199.00
This premium-quality lawn & garden tractor from Mountfield offers high-spec features throughout and will come into its own on lawns and informal grassed areas of up to 10,000m2. It’s powered by a 452cc Mountfield 7750-Series engine; an overhead-valve power-unit which you’ll find smooth-running, exceptionally reliable and highly economical. An electric key start starting ensures getting the engine going is a fast, headache-free operation. Instead of a clunky manual gearbox, the Mountfield 1640H is equipped with a hydrostatic drive. Similar to a an automatic transmission on a car, this high-end feature enables you to control the mower’s speed (both forward and reverse) using a foot pedal, maximising manoeuvrability when mowing around and between obstacles, and making it easy to select the most effective pace for the grass conditions. A very tight turning circle (160cm) further improves manoeuvrability. Thanks to its bagging, mulching and rear-discharge capabilities, the Mountfield 1640H Lawn & Garden Tractor offers the versatility needed to tackle a range of different grass types. In collection-mode, grass clippings are blown from the 102cm twin-blade cutter-deck into a very large-capacity 260-litre collector that makes it possible to get the job done with fewer stops. The collector can be emptied without leaving the driver’s seat and is fitted with a ‘collector full’ buzzer to let you know when it’s at capacity (this helps to stop the discharge-chute becoming blocked due to overfilling). Clumped grass-clippings around the blades and underside of the deck can seriously inhibit performance, so Mountfield have equipped the 1640H with a handy deck-wash facility. Simply attach a hose, turn on the water and then spin the blades – the dead grass will then be thoroughly removed. This cutter deck on this model is slightly wider than the width of the wheels, so there’ll be less post-mowing trimming work to do. The Mountfield 1640H features a seven-stage height-of-cut, adjustable between 25 and 80mm to suit both your preferred finish and the length of the grass you’re working on. Like the grassbox-emptying mechanism, the cutting-height can be controlled from the driver’s seat (there’s no need to stop to make adjustments). Other notable features include electromagnetic blade-engagement, which reduces wear and extends the life of key parts; and twin-headlights that will allow you to finish the job if you started a bit too late in the afternoon.

Al-Ko T16-92HDH Special Edition Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

Al-Ko T16-92HDH Special Edition Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) £1999.00
Make light work of a substantial domestic lawn (up to 8000m2) with Al-Ko’s impressive T16-92HDH Special Edition Lawn Tractor with Twin Cylinder Honda engine!It’s ideal for use in wet British conditions thanks to its aerodynamic Hi-Lift blade which creates a powerful under-deck airflow that will power even damp grass at speed into the catcher, with none of the clumping that can lead to the discharge-chute becoming blocked. Cut grass is deposited into a large 220-litre collector that can be emptied from the driver’s seat.The Al-Ko T16-92HDH Special Edition Lawn Tractor boasts a hydrostatic drive; a desirable feature that delivers infinite-increment, gear-shift-free ground-speed control for the intuitive negotiation of trees, borders and other obstacles (adjustments are made using a hand-lever).Six-stage height-of-cut adjustment ensures there’s an effective blade-setting for whatever conditions you’re faced with; while an ergonomic high-backed seat ensures the sort of large-scale jobs for which this machine has been designed can be completed in comfort.The 92cm cutter-deck on the Al-Ko T16-92HDH has been fitted with two anti-scalp wheels that prevent turf damage; and a washout-port that makes it quick and easy to remove corrosive clippings from the undercarriage.Other stand-out features on this model include large-diameter drive-tyres that deliver ample grip while being gentle on the lawn surface.This model is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient 16hp OHV twin-cylinder engine from world-leading manufacturer of small engines; Honda.

Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) £1899.00
Offering both side-discharge and mulching as standard, the premium-grade Stiga Tornado 3108 H performs just as well on paddocks and informal long-grass areas as it does on well-groomed, bowling-green style lawns.Under its corrosion-resistant and noise-limiting bonnet is a very high-powered 17.5hp (500cc) Briggs & Stratton 4185 Powerbuilt engine with a Dual-Clean™ air-filter that confers a marked lengthening in service-life; and an anti-vibration system for a reduction in component-wear; and a comfortable, fatigue-free drive. An overhead-valve-type configuration leads to a reduction in fuel-costs and damaging exhaust emissions; while an electric key ignition makes what can otherwise be a frustrating operation a breeze.The Stiga Tornado 3108 H Multiclip Lawn-Tractor has been equipped with an intuitive foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic drive – the more force you apply to the pedal, the faster you’ll go. This sought-after feature works with a tight 140cm turning-radius to ensure you’ll find it easy to deal with obstacles and awkward corners.Not just a mower, the Stiga Tornado 3108 H is supplied with a tow-bar that makes it possible to hitch-up any of the numerous versatility-enhancing attachments that are available; in turn ensuring you’ll get plenty of use from your purchase outside of the growing season.The cutter-deck on this model measures a huge 108cm in width, so the rapid coverage of expansive areas is assured.A hosepipe fitting on the deck means keeping the undercarriage clean is a hassle-free process; while powerful dual headlights make low-light mowing and towing possible. Other stand-out features include a seven-position cutting-height, which you can set between 25 and 80mm depending on your preferred finish; and wide-profile drive-tyres that provide all the traction you’ll need, and which won’t gouge delicate surfaces during turns.

Toro DH140 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor (Ex Demo - 1 Hours Use)

Toro DH140 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor (Ex Demo – 1 Hours Use) £1899.00
The first offering in Toro’s DH range, the DH140, delivers the sort of impressive cutting-performance; convenient features; and robust build-quality that are essential for any serious gardener.It comes equipped with a Rear-Collect cutter-deck, which employs twin contra-rotating blades, the action of which creates a forceful air-stream that powers cut-grass at high-speed into the grassbag – even damp grass and twigs can be successfully bagged (the catcher holds a huge 250-litres of lawn debris).The deck measures a substantial 92cm and is fully-floating so as to ensure the contours of undulating terrain are closely tracked by the blades.The Toro DH140 Rear-Collect Garden Tractor doesn’t just collect cut-grass – with Toro’s recycling-mode selected, clippings are instead finely mulched and returned to the lawn surface, giving the neat appearance of bagging or raking, and also providing the turf with completely natural nutrients.Designed with driver-comfort to the fore, the Toro DH140 has been fitted with a suspended seat; electric key start; and electric deck-engagement.It benefits from an audible ‘bag-full’ warning that should prevent you overfilling and blocking the discharge-chute; and you can empty the bag from the seat – no dismounting or lifting required.This model is driven by a high-powered 344cc Briggs & Stratton engine with AVS for comprehensive vibration-reduction; and an overhead-valve for superior fuel-efficiency and a marked reduction in noise and harmful exhaust-emissions.Its chassis is made from rugged channel-steel, so durability is not in question; and its front-axle is made from cast-iron, thereby ensuring it will easily cope with any accidental impact from unseen objects.Lastly but certainly not leastly is a Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmission, which confers exceptional manoeuvrability by allowing the driver to adjust the tractor’s speed in infinitely-variable steps using a convenient car-style foot-pedal.


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