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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 12th, 2014.
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MowDirect reduced the price on this item today

Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower

Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower was £659.00 now £619.00
The playing fields of Eton may well be where Waterloo was won, but the playing fields of England’s schools, colleges and sports clubs in general would never be as well groomed and usable without the help of Allett lawnmowers. Supplying professional machines to the great green spaces of this country, from Cambridge’s cricket pitches to public parks and gardens is second nature to a company like Allett and now we can all benefit from this great tradition with smart, efficient and British built mowers like this Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower. Lawn Mowers like the Allett Classic Petrol 17L cut very closely due to the scissor like action of the cylinder, which has five, spiral blades that spin forward, trapping and shearing the blades against a stationary blade below. This makes the action very precise and sharp, and enables the cuts to be very short, in this case as low as 6mm, whilst avoiding the lawn scalping that can happen when rotary mowers cut too low. In fact, although 6mm is the lowest height of cut on this machine, there are several other options and you can cut at 9, 13, 18, 25 and 32mm, as well as scarify your lawn at 0mm with an easy to fit scarifying cassette (available separately) which slots in, replacing your mowing cylinder whenever you need it. Scarifying has major benefits for your lawn, removing thatch and allowing aeration and nutrition of the soil and roots. The Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower is powered by a reliable and effective four-stroke petrol engine that offers you enough power to cut lawns of up to 250m2 and with a displacement of 87cc. The engine is a four-stroke and uses unleaded petrol. Power is distributed to both the cylinder blades and to the rear-roller, propelling the mower forward and transforming the task of mowing and maintenance into a very pleasant stroll across the lawn. It is the rollers that guarantee that iconic striped finish, so sought after in the British Isles. The Lawnmower is kept level by the combination of a forward and rear roller, ensuring the most even cut possible. The cutting width is a practical 43cm (17