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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - September 13th, 2014.
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Suttons Seeds just added these new items

Water Butt Irrigation System

Water Butt Irrigation System £49.99
A unique way of turning your water butt into an efficient low pressure drip watering system, which can give your plants a constant, slow and steady supply with no attention required. A 10 metre length of pipe has approximately 30 built in drippers along its length, and once in position can be connected to the water butt using normal hosepipe. This 30m kit contains: 30m of dripper pipe, 3 connectors, 3 x T pieces and 6 end stops, plus 3 dripper pipe to normal hose connectors.

Herb Plant Collection + Recipe & Seeds

Herb Plant Collection + Recipe & Seeds £4.99
This fantastic offer comprises of 10 mixed herb plants (2 each of 5 varieties) along with a recipe book on how to use your surplus cucumbers and tomatoes PLUS 4 packets of Speedy Veg Seeds (1 of each variety):Beetroot F1 Action – Good crops of high quality, sweet, smooth-skinned roots to harvest at golf ball size. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Ready to eat in just 6-12 weeks.Radish Jolly – Globe-shaped roots with a delicious mild flavour, and a lovely cherry red colour. Ready to eat in just 6-12 weeks.Carrot Ideal – A super-fast-maturing Nantes type carrot with uniform, rich-orange, delicious-flavoured roots. Superb eaten whole or grated in salads. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Ready to eat in just 6-12 weeks.Californian Lettuce – Grow salads with the flavours of the west coast of the USA with this mild-flavoured mix of Mustard Golden Streaks, Komatsuna, Purple Choy Sum, Greek cress and Wild Rocket. Ready to eat in just 3 weeks. These excellent ‘baby’ vegetables are bred to be at their sweetest and most nutritious whilst still small in size. They are ideal for small spaces such as the patio.