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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - September 14th, 2014.
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New products at Crocus

Pot mover / saucer on wheels

Pot mover / saucer on wheels £12.99
Suitable to carry a planter for easy relocation to another position. Includes four strong easy-move base wheels. The pot mover can also be used as a saucer which will ensure plants have enough water and will protect against root rot. Will hold pots upto 60 kilos in weight. Measurements: Height: 5cm Diameter: 40cm

Erica x darleyensis 'Ghost Hills' (winter heath)

Erica x darleyensis ‘Ghost Hills’ (winter heath) £4.99
Position: full sun Soil: well-drained soil Rate of growth: average Flowering period: Febuary to April Hardiness: fully hardy A wonderful groundcovering plant, that has the added bonus of producing an abundance of pinkish purple flowers from late winter to mid-spring. These not only look good, but will also provide a vital source of early nectar for bees and other pollinators. A tough little plant, which once established will take drought in its stride. Garden care: During the growing season water regularly, applying a half-strength application of a balanced liquid fertiliser every four weeks. After the plant has flowered trim with shears or secateurs to remove the dead flowers and encourage bushy growth.

Aluminium plant labels

Aluminium plant labels £4.99
These labels are a stylish addition to any garden. Can be used to label shrubs or trees, veg patches or any other area in need of organisation in the garden. Measurements: Short: Height: 13cm Width: 7cm Long: Height: 26cm Width: 6.5cm