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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - September 15th, 2014.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these items today

Big K BBQ Lighting Cubes - 24 cubes

Big K BBQ Lighting Cubes – 24 cubes was £2.99 now £2.24
Light your BBQ the easy way with these Big K Barbecue Lighting Cubes. They are individually sealed and provide a clean alternative to other fuelling methods.24 cubes

Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets 25x5g

Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets 25x5g was £3.49 now £2.61
One application for entire growing season! Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food Tablets have a controlled release action that feeds plants for up to 6 months. They are clean and easy to use tablets you just push straight into the compost. Osmocote has an advanced protective coating that controls the release of the plant food accurately and protects the roots from burning.As the soil warms Osmocote releases the plant food exactly when your plant needs it. Ideal for use in tubs containers and hanging baskets it contains extra magnesium and trace elements so that your plants never run short of vital elements for healthy growth.Use Feb-JunQuantity: 25 x 5g tablets

Hozelock 2100 Hose Repair Connector

Hozelock 2100 Hose Repair Connector was £3.49 now £3.06
This Hozelock Hose Repair Connector is for repairing damaged hose or permanently connecting two lengths of hose. This is suitable for a 12.5mm hose.

Plastic Boules Set

Plastic Boules Set was £4.99 now £3.74
Have fun with your kids! This bright colourful Boules Set comes in a handy carry case so you can take it with you on summer picnics or days out in the park. Liven up an afternoon in the garden and have a go at this classic French outdoor game that is suitable for both adults and children. The hardy plastic carry case contains 8 water-filled durable plastic boules and a jack. If you want to take the game really seriously then you will need to take your own measuring tape with you otherwise just enjoy this great outdoor game.Boule size: approx 7.3cm diameter

Angle Poise Solar Spotlight - Set of 2

Angle Poise Solar Spotlight – Set of 2 was £6.99 now £5.24
Highlight the best features in your garden with these two Angle Poise Solar Spotlights. They are perfect for highlighting garden borders trees shrubs statues and even pot plants in any location in your garden as the solar panels are incorporated at the top of the lights. They could also be used to light up darker areas such as steps or pathways.Each spotlight has 3 super white LEDs and can be angled to draw attention to your garden feature and they also have ground spikes. The solar panels can be angled for the best sun position and the lights will automatically come on at dusk. IP44 waterproofCE approvedNo operating costsEco friendly no wiringEach requires 1 x AAA NiMH 600mAh rechargeable battery (included)Dimensions: D14 x H 20cmLamp diameter : approx 8cmSet of 2 spotlightsWe recommend that the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight for as long as possible; they take approximately 10-16 hours to fully charge and provide approximately 6-8 hours of light.

Levington Original Growbag

Levington Original Growbag was £6.99 now £5.24
The formulation of Levington Original Grobag is suitable for peppers aubergines cucumbers green beans or melons but is especially great for growing juicy tomatoes. Grow bags mean there is no fuss or mess and all you need is contained in the planter. Easy and offers fantastic yields.

Hozelock 2055 Waterstop Connector

Hozelock 2055 Waterstop Connector was £5.99 now £5.54
The Hozelock Aquastop Waterstop Connector saves you having to go back to the tap to turn the water off when you are switching between accessories as it has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory is disconnected. It also helps you save water as it stops the water flow so less water is wasted. This hose connector is suitable for use with all 12.5mm and 15mm hoses and thanks to the triple locking system the connection to the tap is guaranteed secure up to 10 bar. The sleeve is easy to use even when wet due to the twin soft touch pads and all internal parts are made from ultra tough plastics for a long leak free life.The hose is firmly connected thanks to barbs that connect with the inside and outside of the hose – hose kinking swelling and leaking at the connection point with this fitting is virtually eliminated due to the ingenius flexible hose-tail on the nut.

FSC Natural Log Roll 5 x 15 x 150cm

FSC Natural Log Roll 5 x 15 x 150cm was £7.99 now £5.99
Made from FSC certified pressure treated pine this Natural Log Roll is versatile and can be used as fine garden decoration. Suitable as edging for paths lawns borders and entrances; this is a great buy and you can be really creative in terms of where you place them in and around your outdoor area. Great as well if you are looking to change around one or two things ahead of spring. Dimensions: W150 x D5 x H15cm

Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun  - 10 Pattern

Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun – 10 Pattern was £6.99 now £6.29
With 10 spray patterns this Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun is a must-have for your garden! Not only can you gently water seedlings using the fine mist but also rinse soap off your car with the powerful jet. There is even an angle option for those hard to reach plants. Manufactured from a strong metal construction the Deluxe Multi-Spray Hose Gun comes with an adjustable nozzle and an ergonomic soft touch grip. Your individual needs will certainly be met with this great spray gun that has so many patterns to choose from and it comes at a great value price too.Spray Patterns: Jet Mist ShowerFan ConeRinseAngleCentreFlatSoaker Dimensions: W11.5 x D6.5 x H20.5cm

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