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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - September 18th, 2014.
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New items today at Dobies

Aubrieta Plants - Mix

Aubrieta Plants – Mix £9.99
A magnificent large-flowered strain, in shades of lavender, lilac, rose and carmine. The low, spreading plants are ideal for rockeries. Flowers April-May. Height 10cm (4). Front of border variety.

Ipomoea Seeds - Dacapo Light Blue

Ipomoea Seeds – Dacapo Light Blue £1.79
I love these eye-catching heavenly blue flowers with their contrasting dark central star. An excellent climber, it also looks superb trailing out of a hanging basket. HHA – Half hardy annual. (Please note: Seeds/plants harmful if eaten.)Often wrongly confused with the convolvulus (Bindweed) that causes us such trouble in the garden. These ipomoea are annual types, so you are not plagued with those creeping roots for evermore! These are climbers, ideal for a sunny wall or fence or in the conservatory.

Bean (Broad) Plants - Aquadulce Claudia

Bean (Broad) Plants – Aquadulce Claudia £7.99
Early, heavy crops of long pods filled with delicious, sweet, tender beans. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Mirabilis Seeds - Marbles Mixed

Mirabilis Seeds – Marbles Mixed £1.99
CHRIS SAYS: You’ll be amazed by these beautiful striped bicoloured flowers. The fragrant blooms open in the evenings and they open until the following morning. Height 60-90cm (24-36). Best grown as HHA – Half hardy annual.Sometimes known as the Four o Clock plant as the plants flower late in the afternoon, but they are worth waiting for as they produce a delightful fragrance through the evening and night to be replaced by others the following day. Mirabilis is quite unique in being able to produce different colours on the same plant

Raspberry Plants - Summer Collection

Raspberry Plants – Summer Collection £24.99
The Summer Raspberry Collection contains 15 plants (5 of each variety):Glen Ample – A high yielding summer-fruiting raspberry much flavoured by professional growers. The large, round and conical-shaped berries have an excellent flavour and hold well on the spine-free canes. Harvest early-late July.Valentina – A very unusual and extremely attractive apricot-pink-coloured raspberry, which also has the benefit of a fantastic flavour. It produces strong, upright canes with only a few spines, making harvesting easy. Crops June to July. With good resistance to disease and aphid, it’s ideal for those who prefer to grow organically. Malling Minerva – This superb variety will start to fruit in early June and carry on for up to six weeks, producing a bountiful crop of good-sized, deliciously flavoured berries. The succulent flesh pulls effortlessly from the central core, making picking easy. Plants are spineless, show good disease resistance and are easy to manage.

Monarda Plants - Panorama

Monarda Plants – Panorama £9.99
This monarda (more commonly known as bergamot) boasts deliciously scented foliage and intriguing blooms, in shades of rose, violet, pink, scarlet and red. Loved by bees. Flowers June-August. Height 90cm (3′). Back of border variety.

Sunflower Seeds - Titan

Sunflower Seeds – Titan £1.79
CHRIS SAYS: Tall Single has a rival! Not only does Titan produce giant plants, but giant flower heads too! (up to 60cm [2′] in diameter). You will need a sunny, sheltered site for best results. Titan does produce edible seeds in abundance and is a great way to help wildlife as it is a great source of food for the birds once the flower goes to seed. Height 300-400cm (10-13′). HA – Hardy annual.

Anemone Seeds - Mona Lisa Mixed

Anemone Seeds – Mona Lisa Mixed £1.99
CHRIS SAYS: Brighten up your winter with these lovely bright blooms! Long flower stems make Mona Lisa ideal for cut flowers at a time of year when there is not much else around’. Full range of anemone colours. Cheerful, colourful blooms from autunn through to spring. Height 45cm (18). HP – Hardy perennial.

Zinnia Seeds - Faberge Mixed

Zinnia Seeds – Faberge Mixed £2.49
CHRIS SAYS: Just one look at these flowering in the garden and you know you are on to a winner! Faberge is what we call a scabious flowered variety, which was very popular in years gone by, but through lack of attention the stock had deteriorated. Step forward then Faberge, completely re-selected. Not only do you get vibrant colours and sturdy stems, but you get those unique pin-cushion like blooms. Want a bonus? Well if you love your wildlife, you probably wont be able to get near the plants for butterflies on the flowers in the summer! Flowers July-September. Height. 75-80cm (30-32). HA/HHA – Hardy annual/Half hardy annual.