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New products at PondKeeper

by John - September 19th, 2014.
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PondKeeper just added these new lines

Flexiliner 30x20m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 30x20m 15yr – Free Underlay £894.00
Massive pond liner at a very competitive price.
PondXpert are one of the few companies to produce liners this size in a single pre-fabricated sheet. This saves a lot of time and cost compatred to putting the lining together on-site.

Flexiliner 24x18m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 24x18m 15yr – Free Underlay £643.68
This 24x18m is perfect to create a big pond. Manufactured out of Laminated Low Density Polyethylene this lining is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years.

Flexiliner 20x15m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 20x15m 15yr – Free Underlay £447.00
A fantastic opportunity to purchase one of our largest pond lining sets at our lowest ever price. This LDPE pond liner is by PondXpert and is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years.
When you purchase this liner 300sqm of PondXpert Basic Underlay will be added to your order free of charge.

Flexiliner 15x15m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 15x15m 15yr – Free Underlay £335.25
This large pond liner is 15x15m in size (49’x49′). This is a very large waterproof sheet which is guaranteed for 15 years and can be used to line a pond excavation measuring 12m x 12m x 1m deep (39′ x 39′ x 3′ 3″ deep).
If a pond is built with the dimensions specified it will be able to hold 144,000 litres of water (31,718 gallons).

Flexiliner 18x12m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 18x12m 15yr – Free Underlay £321.84
This limited offer brings down the price of a large liner to levels never seen before. This offer includes a liner sized 18 x 12 metres (59′ x 39′) and a matching amount of underlay (216 square metres).
The size and design of pond you can create with this lining is practically limitless. However if the maximum depth is 1 metre you can create a project sized 15x9m – such a pond could hold 135,000 litres of water (29,736 gallons).

Flexiliner 16x12m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 16x12m 15yr – Free Underlay £286.08
This pond liner has the perfect dimensions to make a truly impressive large pond. It measures 16×12 metres (53′ x 39′) and is guaranteed to remain watertight for a minimum of 15 years.
A large liner like this can be used to create a pond measuring 13m x 9m x 1m deep (43′ x 30′ x 3′ 3″ deep). If the pond is built to these measurements then it can hold a maximum of 117,000 litres of water (25,771 gallons).

Flexiliner 15x10m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 15x10m 15yr – Free Underlay £223.50
The 15x10m pond liner (49′ x 33′) from PondXpert is a popular choice with pondkeepers looking to create a large water gardening installation.
A liner this size can be used to create a pond sized 12m x 7m x 1m deep (39′ x 23′ x 3′ 3″ deep). Of course your choice of pond design is limitless just remember that if you go deeper then you need to reduce the length and width.
Once built a pond to the dimensions shown above could hold 15,000 litres of water (18,500 gallons).

Flexiliner 13x10m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 13x10m 15yr – Free Underlay £193.70
This is one of the largest pond liners in our range and can be used to create a fabulous water garden up to 33′ x 23′ x 3′ 3″ deep (10m x 7m x 1m deep). When built a pond this size can hold 70,000 litres of water (15,400 gallons).
The PondXpert Flexiliner is easy to install and has the benefit of being tearproof so there is no chance of the liner ripping should it be punctured in any way.

Flexiliner 12x9m 15yr - Free Underlay

Flexiliner 12x9m 15yr – Free Underlay £160.92
The best time ever to purchase one of our largest pond liner.
PondXpert Flexiliners have proven their reliabilty time and time again and we have no problem in recommending them to all of our customers.
This has always been a top value liner but now the Underlay is thrown in for FREE there is nothing on the market that even comes close to matching this offer.
This 12x9m liner (39′ x 30′) is large enough to create a large pond you can be really proud of.