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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 20th, 2014.
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New lines today at MowDirect

Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower (with Electric Start)

Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower (with Electric Start) £4298.00
Landscape contractors, estate managers and those running horticultural enterprises will all benefit from having this class-leading scythe mower as a part of their garden armoury. It’s fitted with a heavy-duty scythe-blade that will chop effortlessly through long grass, brambles, brush, and even saplings. The blade’s substantial 115cm width guarantees a rapid work-rate over large areas. The Bertolini 411/10E employs a 410cc Lombardini 15LD400 diesel engine. Rated at an impressive 10hp, this high-end power-unit offers massively improved fuel-economy, superior dependability and increased levels of torque when set against comparable petrol-driven engines. A push-button electric starter eliminates the problems that are so common with recoil-type pull-starters. One of the most manoeuvrable machines of its type, the Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower has a six-speed transmission (3 + 3), which drives the wheels independently, thereby enabling you to carry-out time saving zero-radius turns. The six-speed gearbox also makes it possible to operate at a speed which is most suitable both for the conditions and the type of application. To ensure day-long sessions can be completed in comfort, Bertolini have equipped with a six-position, height-adjustable handlebar, which has been isolated from engine vibration. Other premium features include a rapid forward / reverse shuttle for speedy direction changes; and a transport gear, which gives you a top-speed of 13.05kn/h when driving the tractor from site to site. You can choose from a huge selection of attachments, none of which require tools for fitting.

Bertolini 411/10 Commercial Scythe Mower

Bertolini 411/10 Commercial Scythe Mower £3598.00
With its impressive cutting-capability, rugged build-quality and raft of high-specification features, the Bertolini 411/10 will make short work of the most challenging commercial landscaping tasks. Power comes from a very high-performance 10hp (401cc) Lombardini diesel engine, which offers increased torque and drastically reduced fuel-costs when compared to similarly-rated petrol-driven engines. Starting is via a heavy-duty recoil ignition-system. The Bertolini 411/10 Commercial Scythe Mower features a handlebar-mounted differential control that makes it possible to lock one wheel and undertake a zero-turn manoeuvre (the wheels can be locked together for increased traction in adverse conditions). There are six-speeds to choose from (3 + 3), so you can easily manoeuvre out of tight spots, and you’ll be able to work at a speed that suits the type of undergrowth you’re clearing. User-comfort is important when taking-on the sort of time-consuming applications for which this model has been designed, so Bertolini have equipped it with comprehensive vibration-damping and a six-stage, height-adjustable handlebar. A fast-acting forward / reverse shuttle allows for fast direction-change; while ‘QuickFit’ coupling ensures you’ll be able to leave your toolbox in the shed when fitting any one of the vast array of attachments that are available.

Bertolini 411/9H Heavy-Duty Scythe Mower

Bertolini 411/9H Heavy-Duty Scythe Mower £2698.00
Offering a huge 115cm cutting-width and driven by a very high-powered Honda engine, this highly manoeuvrable two-wheeled scythe mower from Bertolini is ideal for orchard-keepers, estate managers and homeowners maintaining substantial grounds. The engine is a Honda GX270; a 270cc four-stroke, OHV-type unit with precision-engineered parts for smooth operation; a dual-element air-filter and cast-iron cylinder sleeve for durability; and an increased compression-ratio for impressive fuel-efficiency. The Bertolini 411/9H Heavy-Duty Scythe Mower has a six-speed gearbox (three forward; three reverse), which not only aids manoeuvrability, but also allows you to select a ground-speed that’s most appropriate for the type of vegetation you’re clearing. Independently driven wheels make it possible to turn on a sixpence; while a differential-lock gives you substantially more traction when engaged, in turn enabling you to operate effectively on slopes and muddy ground. The gears are immersed in an oil bath for improved performance and superior long-term reliability. For nimble agility and a faster work rate, the Bertolini 411/9H has been fitted with a rapid forward / reverse shuttle that’s positioned directly to hand. The handlebars are isolated from engine-vibration and can be adjusted vertically through six-stages to suit the operator’s height. More than 25 separate attachments are available for the 411/9H, including grass-management tools, seasonal aids; and agricultural accessories. All attachments benefit from ‘QuickFit’ coupling, so no tools are needed to fit them.

Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower (Special Offer)

Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower (Special Offer) £1449.00
This very high-performance home-use scythe mower from Italian manufacturers Bertolini is fitted with a premium-quality 95cm cutter-bar that will breeze its way through long, thick grass and dense, overgrown brush and bramble. Key to its impressive cutting-capability is its blend of high-torque gearing with a high-powered 4.8hp Honda GX160 engine. The gears are sealed within an oil-bath for rock-solid operation under any conditions; while the engine employs an overhead-valve layout for superior fuel-economy; reduced exhaust emissions; and unwavering dependability. The Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower offers a reverse gear as well as the standard forward gear, so it will prove far more manoeuvrable than its single-speed competitors. It’s fitted a width- and height-adjustable handlebar that makes it possible to achieve the optimum working-position; and it benefits from comprehensive vibration-damping, which works to protect the operator’s hands and arms from undue strain. This model also utilises Bertolini’s QuickFit coupling technology, which means any of the numerous optional attachments can be fitted without fuss.

Masport Lawn Edger

Masport Lawn Edger £379.00
With the Masport Lawn Edger you’ll be able to create the sort of neat, well-defined borders between lawns and paths that a professional gardener would be proud off. It combines a low centre-of-gravity with dual front-wheels so as to maximise stability during use, which in turn facilitates more accurate and controlled edge-work, thereby ensuring precision results. Powering the 24cm-diameter bar-blade on the Masport Lawn Edger is a high-performance 127cc (3.5hp) Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine with the hugely popular overhead-valve configuration that delivers a marked reduction in noise; vibration; emissions; and fuel-consumption. The Masport Lawn Edger offers ten preset heights-of-cut, adjustable between -6.5cm and +4cm, so there’s a suitable blade-position for whatever task you’re faced with.Ball-bearing mounted wheels provide enhanced durability and ensure the wheels run smoothly over the ground; while fold-down handlebars work to maximise available space in your storage area. Also featured on the Masport Lawn Edger is an Operator Presence Control that enhances safety by cutting the engine when the bail-arm is released.