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New products at Waltons

by John - September 20th, 2014.
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New item today at Waltons

5 x 3 Asgard Vangard Secure Metal Shed

5 x 3 Asgard Vangard Secure Metal Shed £349.99
This 5 x 3 Asgard Vangard Secure Metal Shed is ideal if you’re looking for secure, high quality storage for your garden or yard. This metal shed is made from quality, thick heavy gauge galvanised steel panels. The metal panels are painted a traditional green colour and this shed comes with a 10 Year Warranty so you don’t need to worry about rust. The shed also features a integral metal floor so the interior is perfect for storing almost anything! The front of this shed also feature large, strong metal double doors so storing items is simple and everything is easy to access. The two point locking system on this shed is designed to be used with a padlock to add extra security. All screw heads and fixtures are also hidden so once it is installed you don’t have to worry about this shed being opened a different way. This shed may look small in size but is provides a large amount of storage. This storage shed is not just for the garden; it would be ideal for storage on a builder’s yard, stables or workshop. This shed also has a discreet ventilation system reducing the risk of condensation. This shed is also supplied with a heavy duty metal base so you can secure it to the floor of your garden.