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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 21st, 2014.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these items

Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader (With Salt Deflector)(Ex Demo 1 Hours Use)

Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader (With Salt Deflector)(Ex Demo 1 Hours Use) was £199.00 now £179.00
The Turfmaster SB6000SS is supplied as standard with an easy-to-fit salt-deflector. This handy accessory restricts the spread-width to just 56cm and with it fitted you’ll be able to efficiently clear snow and ice from pathways and pavements without wastage. Without the deflector, the spread-width extends to a maximum of 3.5-metres and can be adjusted using a convenient fingertip cable control. Thanks to its rugged 25mm powder-coated steel frame and impact- and corrosion-resistant plastic hopper, the Turfmaster SB6000SS Broadcast-Spreader will provide years of unfailing service. The hopper will hold an impressive 60kg of spread-medium and can be fitted with a rain cover so you can work in poor weather. Running on a pair of large-diameter (405mm) pneumatic tyres, the Turfmaster SB6000SS will perform brilliantly on the most difficult terrain (ice, snow, mud, etc). Heavy-duty steel wheels provide added durability; and a steel-mesh hopper-screen ensures there’s no clogging.

Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive (Warehouse Clearance)

Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive (Warehouse Clearance) was £499.00 now £489.00
Whether you’re looking to prepare a large area of ground for seeding or planting, or simply want to carry-out surface weeding between rows of established plants, this high-end domestic-use tiller from Bertolini offers exceptional value for money.Its high-powered but nevertheless quiet and clean-running 183cc Emak 800 overhead-valve engine drives a series of six robust metal blades that will break effortlessly through even the most stubbornly compacted or clay-heavy soil-types. Power is delivered via a heavy-duty chain drive, so durability is assured.The Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller offers a generous 80cm tilling-width that facilitates the fast and efficient coverage of larger allotment plots and kitchen gardens (the working-width can be reduced to 60cm for secondary tillage).It features a reinforced guard that protects the rotors and transmission from flying stones and other hazards; and it’s fitted with a front transport-wheel for hassle-free job-to-job movement.Bertolini have equipped this model with forward and reverse gears, with the reverse gear firstly making it easy to realign; and secondly ensuring you’ll have no trouble freeing it should it become dug-in.An ergonomic double lever mounted on the handlebar provides simple gear-selection; while a height-adjustable handlebar ensures high levels of user-comfort, no matter how tall the operator (laterally adjustable handlebars can be specified).Other features of note include side protection-discs that prevent damage to existing crops during inter-row tilling; and an adjustable control bar that allows you to select the most appropriate working-depth for the application – lower for a thorough turn-over; higher for gentle aeration and weeding.

Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) was £699.00 now £669.00
This high-end domestic-use chipper/shredder, from American brand Earthquake, has been equipped with numerous premium-grade features and will make short work of turning both green and woody waste into a mulch that will prove highly useful around the garden (the reduction-ratio is 20:1). When chipping branches (up to 5cm in diameter), it employs a unique design, which comprises optimised knife-angles and a heavy-duty flywheel that combine to ensure material is automatically pulled through. This means you can be ready with another branch the minute the previous one has been processed. When shredding softer debris, like hedge-clippings, leaves and wind-fallen fruit, material is subjected to the action of a series of free-swinging hammers, which thoroughly pulverise it, leaving you with a very finely chopped mulch that will rot-down in quick-time. All processed material is delivered to a large-capacity collection-bag (70-litre). Power from the beefy 6hp Briggs & Stratton engine on the Earthquake CS6B Petrol Chipper-Shredder is delivered to the mechanism through Ardisam’s unique direct-drive motor, which works to minimise vibration, in turn reducing wear and extending the life of crucial components. Thanks to its low stance and large-diameter wheels, this model is stable during operation, and can be towed safely across undulating terrain. Should you wish to further enhance the versatility of your purchase, you might want to take a look at the optional vacuum-kit.

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo - 2 Hours Use)

Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor (Ex Demo – 2 Hours Use) was £2199.00 now £2099.00
This top-of-the-range lawn & garden tractor from Al-Ko has been built using the latest high-specification technology and is packed with the sort of practical and convenient features that are a must-have for the gardening enthusiast. It’s the most powerful Powerline tractor, with its commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton Intek engine developing a huge 17.5hp. The engine has been equipped with an anti-vibration system that works to reduce both noise-levels and component wear; and it utilises an overhead-valve type layout for smooth, low-maintenance performance and impressive fuel-efficiency. The Al-Ko Powerline T18-102HD Lawn Tractor has a pair of contra-rotating blades that create a powerful flow of air underneath the mower deck, in turn ensuring the 300-litre grassbag is packed to the brim with clippings. Gas-assistance makes emptying the collector a breeze. Offering a very large 102cm cutting-width, the Powerline T18-102HD will cover huge amounts of ground with every pass. It incorporates a hydrostatic transmission; a high-end feature that allows the ground-speed to be controlled in infinite increments using a foot-pedal; and it combines a reinforced tie-rod with helical gearing to ensure the steering is smooth, light and precise. Not just a bagger, the Al-Ko T18-102HD is also capable of direct-discharging or mulching grass-cuttings, so you’ll have no problems dealing with varying grass-types and weather conditions (the mulch-plug is included, but the rear-deflector is optional). In order to spare the driver’s back when tackling time-consuming applications, Al-Ko have fitted this model with a fully adjustable and ergonomically-contoured seat. There’s also a six-step height-of-cut for enhanced flexibility-of-use; and an electric blade-clutch for smooth blade-engagement. You can choose from a range of optional accessories, including a service stand and a protective cover.