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Price reductions at MowDirect

by Sarah - September 24th, 2014.
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MowDirect has cut the price of these products

Mountfield 1538M SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor Mower (Special Offer)

Mountfield 1538M SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor Mower (Special Offer) was £1499.00 now £1399.00
As with all Mountfield lawn & garden tractors, the 1538M-SD is characterised by its superior build-quality; attractive, up-to-the-minute styling; and impressively low price-point. It’s a dual-capability machine, with mulching and side-discharge modes offered as standard. Mulching is the obvious choice when looking after a formal, regularly trimmed lawn; while side-discharge will come into its own on the sort of long, damp grass found in meadows, paddocks and orchards. Versatility is further enhanced by the inclusion of a tow-bar, which opens-up the possibility of working with one of the many trailed attachments that are available from MowDIRECT. Under the bonnet of the Mountfield 1538M-SD Side-Discharge Lawn & Garden Tractor lies a high-performance 14.5hp GGP engine that’s the result of ten-years of rigorous testing; and which has been specifically designed for use on garden tractors. It’s an OHV-type unit, so low fuel-costs and quiet, low-vibration operation are guaranteed. The Mountfield 1538M-SD employs Mountfield’s ContraFlo cutting-system, whereby the powerful airflow created by the counter-rotating action of the two blades works optimise performance when it comes to both mulching-capability and quality-of-cut. The blade height can be adjusted through seven stages between 25 and 80mm, so you’ll have no problems managing changing conditions. Thanks to its five-speed manual transmission (plus reverse), you can drive the Mountfield 1538M-SD at a speed that best suits not only the grass-type you’re mowing, but also the nature of the terrain you’re negotiating. Wide profile tyres provide the grip you’ll need when operating on hilly or muddy ground; while twin headlights mean you’ll be able to carry on working safely in low-light conditions.

Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Special Offer)

Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor (Special Offer) was £1699.00 now £1599.00
The Mountfield 1538H-SD Lawn & Garden Tractor combines a very large 98cm cutting-width with a hugely powerful 452cc Mountfield single-cylinder engine, so it will prove a great choice if you’re looking-after a very large lawn (up to 8000m2). Its side-discharge function is ideal for areas that are less regularly maintained; while its mulching capability comes into its own on regularly trimmed formal lawns (grass-clippings are finely shredded so they quickly rot and disappear). Large lawn-tractors can often be difficult to control and manoeuvre. Mountfield have got around this problem by incorporating a variable-speed hydrostatic-drive, which allows you to adjust the ground-speed in infinite increments while on the move. This not only makes it easy to mow around and between garden obstacles, but also enables you to select the most effective ground-speed for the conditions and grass-type you’re working with. Other high-specification features include Mountfield’s ContraFlo cutting-system, which optimises under-deck air-flow for excellent mulching performance; and a seven-stage height-of-cut (25 – 80mm), so you can set the blade-position to create your desired finish. A tow-bar is supplied as standard.