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New products at Waltons

by John - September 25th, 2014.
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Waltons has these new items today

3 x 7 Asgard Double Ended Bike Locker

3 x 7 Asgard Double Ended Bike Locker £699.99
This 3 x 7 Asgard Double Ended Bike Storage unit is ideal if you want to keep your bicycles secure and safe from thieves. This unit is designed to store two bikes with room for accessories like a helmet too. This space saving storage system takes up minimum floor space and because it can be accessed from both ends is perfect for small gardens or restricted spaces. It would be ideal for the side of a house or flat. This unit is made from weatherproof, galvanised steel; the whole unit weighs 24 stone which shows how strong it is.This bike unit storage has two independently locking doors; they both have 3 point, pick resistant locks. A touch steel internal division and internal locking points ensure that two bikes can be secured and stored independently of each other! This unit is the perfect addition to any garden if you need to keep two separate bikes in the same property.

6 x 3 Asgard Annexe Metal Security Shed

6 x 3 Asgard Annexe Metal Security Shed £649.00
The 6 x 3 Asgard Annexe Metal Security Shed is the perfect storage space for expensive bicycles and accessories. This features a tough 5 point locking system; the door and surround of this shed is also reinforced with 1.6mm box sections so it can resist crow bars and crushing. This Bike Shed is an LPCB Approved Metal Bike Shed so using it can help reduce bicycle insurance premiums. This unit has other safety features; for example all the screws and fixings on this unit are covered and hidden protecting the unit from drills. This Metal Unit is designed to hole up to 3 bicycles and provides enough space to store bicycle accessories like helmets or shoes. The whole unit weighs 21.7 stone proving it is strong and better quality than most other models on the market. You don’t need to worry about rust either; this unit comes with a 10 Year Warranty. This shed also has discreet ventilation so it won’t suffer from condensation. The front double doors also make this unit easy to access and it’s rain guard ensures your bikes will be safe from all weather.

4 x 3 Asgard Compact Metal Security Shed

4 x 3 Asgard Compact Metal Security Shed £599.00
This 4 x 3 Asgard Compact Metal Security Shed is ideal if you need a safe, secure storage space for garden tools, furniture, play or sports equipment. This strong shed is made from weatherproof, thick galvanised steel panels. This shed also features a touch metal floor and reinforced double doors. This shed is so strong is Insurance Approved so it could help reduce any insurance premiums. This shed is designed to withstand any break in attempts; it features welded hinges, hidden screw tips and drill/pick resistant locks! This unit weighs 17.5 stone; compared to other sheds on the market this one is the heaviest! You don’t need to worry about rust with this metal shed; it comes with a 10 Year Guarantee. This shed also features rain guards which help stop any rain from coming inside this unit. This unit also features discreet ventilation so you don’t suffer from condensation.

7 x 3 Asgard Trojan Metal Storage Shed

7 x 3 Asgard Trojan Metal Storage Shed £550.00
The 7 x 3 Asgard Trojan Metal Storage Shed is an intelligently designed garden storage unit. It’s perfect for keeping tools, bikes and outdoor equipment safe and dry. Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel, the Trojan provides a robust and weatherproof exterior, with large single door access and an impressive height, making storage of taller items such as ladders, parasols and garden furniture easier than ever. The Trojan features a strong 3-point secure locking system, securing the door centrally as well as at the top and bottom of the frame. This lock is pick and drill resistant to give you peace of mind and keep your shed safe. Within this shed is an integral full metal floor, purposefully designed to add strength to the overall design but also allow you to bolt your shed to your base and keep your items clean and dry. A hidden roof ventilation system helps to reduce condensation and is also fitted with a rain guard above the door for extra protection. All screw ends are hidden and the strong locking system makes this shed ideal for keeping bikes and tools secure.This shed is perfect for smaller gardens where space may be limited and you need that extra bit of height. As with all Asgard sheds, this building is supplied pre-drilled with all fixtures and fittings, and with complete installation instructions. Please Note: The Internal components pictured are optional extras and not included with the shed as standard.