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New products at Garden Bird

by Sarah - September 27th, 2014.
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Garden Bird added hundreds of new items

Spike's Meaty Feast - 100g

Spike’s Meaty Feast – 100g £0.8900
A moist and meaty hedgehog feast that can be fed on its own or combined with our Hedgehog Food or the Spike’s Delicious Crunchy Dry Food. Leave in a quiet corner in your garden with a shallow dish of water.

How To Grow Fruit DVD

How To Grow Fruit DVD £1.4900
This DVD discusses the complexities and challenges of fruit growing and how, in spite of its many difficulties, the field is increasing in popularity among gardeners of today. A range of fruit types are explored, including top fruit, soft fruit, cane fruit and exotic edibles.

6 Suet Balls

6 Suet Balls £1.5900
Suet is absolutely essential for birds, providing instant energy which is just what they need. Suet Balls are just the job when it comes to bird feeding and are suitable for year round use, helping a wide variety of birds to survive.Our Suet Balls each contain over 80g of suet, sunflower seeds and other tasty small seeds. Plus, they will fit in any of our Suet Ball feeders.

500g Pouch Ultiva Softbill Treat Pellets

500g Pouch Ultiva Softbill Treat Pellets £1.9900
Thrushes, Robins and Blackbirds will love these treat pellets containing a mixture of suet and Ultiva® Softbill Mix with ground raisins, peanut nibs, flaked maize, rolled naked oats and Bogena – the super-rich softbill food blended with insects, oils, fats and minerals – a real feast!

500g Pouch Fruit Treat Pellets

500g Pouch Fruit Treat Pellets £1.9900
We’ve blended real fruit with high energy suet to give your birds a fruity treat that’s bursting with flavour. Especially popular with softbills such as blackbirds, thrushes and robins, they can be scattered on the ground or table to give a fruit supplement all year round.

500g Pouch Berry Treat Pellets

500g Pouch Berry Treat Pellets £1.9900
Extremely popular with softbills and especially Robins, our berry treats contain a delicious blend of wild berries encased within a super rich suet pellet. Scatter on the ground or table, they can even be added to seed mixes and put into feeders. The perfect bird fast food!

500g Pouch Insect Treat Pellets

500g Pouch Insect Treat Pellets £1.9900
Containing a mix of real insects, these treats will give your garden birds a hearty meal in the winter months when natural food is scarce. Extremely nutritious, they’re packed with energy, protein, vitamins and minerals which also makes them ideal for feeding during the breeding season. Perfect for bird tables and softbills, such as thrushes, blackbirds and robins, absolutely love them scattered on the ground, too!

500g Pouch Peanut Treat Pellets

500g Pouch Peanut Treat Pellets £1.9900
A seriously nutty treat that’s rich in protein and packed with energy. We use only the finest quality peanuts (with nil detectable aflatoxin) and suet to provide a premium quality treat which is second to none. Ideal for use in winter, they will give an instant energy boost to hungry birds.