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New products at Plant Me Now

by John - September 28th, 2014.
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New products added today at Plant Me Now

Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) Collection (40 bulbs)

Snowdrop (Galanthus Nivalis) Collection (40 bulbs) £9.9500
Snowdrop Bulbs flower early next year and look fantastic under trees and interplanted in lawns. Traditionally a woodland bulb, snowdrop flowers can often be seen when very little else is in bud. Galanthus (snowdrops) like a moisture retentive soil and preferably partial shade, but will tolerate full sun. Hardy in all areas, ideal for naturalising in lawns, rockeries, borders and containers (flowers year after year). Plant bulbs immediately after purchase. Galanthus can be slow to establish, so plant in their final position and avoid moving. They may not flower in the first year and also the season after moving. Why not plant a winter corner near the house along with Anemone De Caen and Iris Reticulata

Chicken Maure Pellets 7kg

Chicken Maure Pellets 7kg £9.9500
Earth Matters Natural Chicken Manure Pellets by Westand are nutrient enriched for a healthier garden. They’re rich in organic matter and keeps plants flourishing for longer. As the chicken manure is pelleted, it’s easy and ready to use! Earth Matters Chicken Manure Pellets are ideal for soil improvement, planting and feeding of established plants. Westland organic Chicken Manure Pellets are 100% naturally processed to preserve its unique benefits. Rich in organic matter and all the nutrients your plants need Natural slow-release of organic nutrients keeps your plants flourishing longer Feeds your soil and your plants Good for your whole garden and environment

Crocus Mixed Species (60 bulbs)

Crocus Mixed Species (60 bulbs) £6.9500
Crocus are particulally suited to naturalising (growing naturally in grass and around trees) this great value mixed crocus pack has a variety of colours for some early colour. Species crocus produce delicate small flowers and flower earlier than other crocus making them a useful garden addition. Crocus are great for naturalising in wild gardens, rockeries, woodland, between shrubs and in tubs on terrace or patios. They prefer full sun or partial shade. Crocus prefer a rather heavy soil with a good supply of humus, well drained. Enrich sandy soil with leaf-mould. Crocus spread rapidly and should be lifted every 3 – 4 years after the foliage fades, divided and replanted. A top dressing of high potash and phosphate fertiliser from early in the spring is beneficial for better flowering.

Daffodils Mixed Colours (2kg)

Daffodils Mixed Colours (2kg) £5.9500
These mixed daffodil bulbs flower from March through April and contain a superb selection of different daffodils to add some cheerful spring colour to any garden display. Daffodil bulbs be planted in most positions in your garden from July to December. Plant in a free draining soil approximately 10cm deep and at least 5cm apart, but no more than 10cm. These daffodil bulbs are idea to naturalise on banks, in lawns, under shrubs or in rose beds.

Narcissus Spring Dawn (15 bulbs)

Narcissus Spring Dawn (15 bulbs) £4.9500
Spring Dawn is one of our earliest flowering daffodil bulbs. With delicate creamy white petals and lemon yellow trumpets this short narcissus grows to around 25cm in height. Flowering from January onwards their ideal in beds, borders, lawns and containers alike. Daffodils and narcissi like well-drained but moist, humus rich soil in sun or partial shade. Avoid very dry areas such as under conifers. Plant them informally in groups; ideal for rock gardens, containers and terraces. They can be left undistubed for years although should they become too overcrowded, once the leaves have withered lift the bulbs, separate and replant immediately. Great for naturalising in woodlands or lawns.

Fritillaria Imperialis Rubra (1 bulb)

Fritillaria Imperialis Rubra (1 bulb) £3.9500
Fritillaria Imperialis Rubra is a terrific multi headed fritillaria with orangey red flowers. Growing to a tall 70cm they flower in April through to May and look great in garden borders and flower beds. Fritillaria Imperialis prefer full sun, well-drained soil, which is preferably alkaline and enriched with leaf mould or compost. Plant as focal points in borders, between shrubs and in containers near the terrace. Plant the bulbs on their sides to prevent water collecting in the hollow of the bulb. In heavy soils, place grit around the bulb within the planting hole. Should the bulbs become over crowded, lift, divide and replant in August. Fritillaria Imperialis can be slow to establish, so plant in their final position and avoid moving. They may not flower in their first year and also the season after moving.

Cacti Compost 10 litre

Cacti Compost 10 litre £3.9500
Reduced peat compost with added sand and grit to give excellent drainage. Cactus compost is ideal for seed sowing, pricking and potting cacti and succulents. Contains enough nutrients to last 4 – 6 weeks. Contains 10 litres.

John Innes No. 3 Compost 10 litre

John Innes No. 3 Compost 10 litre £3.7500
John Innes No 3 Compost is a traditional loam based formulation with limestone and grit sand. Used for the final re-potting of mature vegetables, foliage plants, trees and shrubs. Contains enough nutrients to feed the plants for 4 – 8 weeks. Contains 10 litres.

Orchid Compost 10 litre

Orchid Compost 10 litre £3.7500
A coarse mix of bark and reduced peat compost with an open structure perfect for potting and re-potting most popular orchids. Contains 10 litres of blended orchid compost.