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New products at MowDirect

by Sarah - October 1st, 2014.
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New lines at MowDirect

Toro 20952 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS/Key-Lectric Start) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Toro 20952 Steel Deck Petrol Recycler Lawn Mower (ADS/Key-Lectric Start) (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) £409.00
Toro are a premium US brand, known for their innovations in the field of mulching, or recycling grass cuttings to improve the health of a lawn. This high quality steel decked lawnmower, with a 48 centimetre cutting width for mowing on larger lawns, is a great example of why they are who they are. The engine is a Toro OHV with 159cc displacement delivering very high performance and good fuel economy. The start is electric and operated by the simple turn of a key, saving time and energy and improving on starting reliability and the mower has self-propulsion to save time and effort. This model is fitted ADS, an intelligent automatic drive system so you can work at whichever pace you choose. The mower moves at your chosen walking speed, adapting to your pace even on inclines. Apart from making use comfortable and bespoke to your own movement, this means you can tackle more difficult areas or longer patches of grass as slowly as you need to or move faster if you wish to get the job done quicker. The Toro 20952 has a tough steel deck for strength and durability and comes with a number of great features for cutting, convenience and comfort. Three-in-one cutting is offered, with cut and collect – to the time-saving large sized, 60.5 litre grass collector, cut and side-discharge – for mowing longer grass and cut and mulch that can be carried out with or without the bag in place. It is here, when it comes to mulching, that Toro’s pioneering research and development really comes to the fore. First of all you can switch between cut and collect and mulching with the simple pull of a lever, saving time spent removing the grass collector, fetching the mulch plug and putting it in. Secondly, Toro have perfected the mulching process, designing the cutting chamber and the blade to maximise the process, creating optimum air flow to keep the cuttings in the chamber for longer so they can be cut many times before they are dropped in among the grass blades to become natural fertiliser, breaking down, providing nutrients and improving the general health and appearance of the lawn. Cutting height can, of course be adjusted and is 2-point, lever operated with six stages available at 21, 33, 50, 67, 84 and 98 millimetres for maximum flexibility. The deck contains a wash port, so you can attach a hose and sluice out the cutting deck after use. This feature is an important part of maintenance, maximises efficiency, reduces wear or corrosion and keeps performance high. More comfort and convenience are in evidence when you look at the handles, which fold down easily with no fuss making storage and transport very easy. The main handle bar is also fitted with a soft-grip for comfort. A full, two-year warranty comes with this high quality lawn mower.

Efco Stark 4400T Heavy Duty Petrol Brushcutter (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Efco Stark 4400T Heavy Duty Petrol Brushcutter (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) £299.00
This high powered petrol brushcutter has a 40.2cc (2.1hp – 1.6kW) 2-stroke engine and can be used for clearing tall grass and tackling scrub and other dense vegetation. It offers robust design solutions that guarantee consistently high levels of performance at all times and has been built to withstand intensive, continuous work in tough working environments. The professional style piston on the Efco Stark 4400T Petrol Brushcutter has 2 rings ensuring high-quality dependable performance over time. Aluminium housing on the engine offers protection against knocks and operating stresses whilst the flywheel has been designed to guarantee constant cooling, even at high ambient temperatures. Other quality features include a large-sized cloth air filter that provides maximum protection of the engine even in very dry or dusty conditions. The engine has also been optimised for longer intervals between refuelling stops and very low running costs. Efco Stark 4400T Petrol Brushcutter is equipped with cow-horn style handles which have been specially designed to reduce the amount of effort required to manoeuvre the unit when cutting through vegetation. All operating controls are easy to hand and with your grip being separated from the engine any fatigue inducing vibrations are reduced to a minimum.

Mitox 28-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use)

Mitox 28-LRH Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer (Ex Demo 2 Hours Use) £219.00
If you’re finding it too difficult or dangerous to use a ladder when trimming your taller hedges, then the Mitox 28-LRH could be the solution. It has an overall length of 2460mm and with its 270